Secrets of the Cellar… Everything you Need to Master the Dark Arts of Cellar Management

It may not be the most pleasant, or glamourous part of the job, but as a bar manager or publican a clean, efficient cellar is your bread and butter. Keeping wastage low and running a tight ship should be high on your priority list—and there don’t need to be any dark arts involved—the real secrets of the cellar are organisation, routine and (of course) having top quality equipment on hand. So, here’s everything you need to own the cellar…

Hop Strainers

The humble hop strainer is an essential piece of kit to stop any sediment getting into your lines and affecting the quality of your beer. Make sure you get the right size for your tap!

Hose Tails

If you’re serving cask ale, you’ll need a Hose Tail to connect your beer line to the tap for reliable dispensing. We offer a range of sizes of Hose Tails for both Standard (Y&L) and BSP Taps.

Tap Brush

You want everything to be clean as a whistle inside and out, if it’s not the taste of your beer will be affected much sooner than you might think. It’s a good idea to have beer tap brushes around to clean taps regularly and stop the build-up of anything nasty.


You’ve got tap brushes—you’re going want something to clean with them! It’s important you get well designed taps to avoid leaks and guarantee smooth opening and closing. Our taps lead the market and we offer a range of single and double taps with “Y”, “L” and BSP threads.


If a brewer recommends it, attach a sparkler to the nozzle of a beer engine to give a frothy head. Holes in the end of the sparkler act to aerate the beer and give the desired effect.

Turn Down Spouts

If you’re set up to dispense straight from the cask or barrel, a Turn Down Spout is ideal—attach the spout onto the tap and you’re in business. Perfect for conveniently pitching up and serving at festivals and the like.

Brewery Nuts

Brewery Nuts screw on to connect your cask tap to the beer engine—make sure you get the right thread type!


Controlling the airflow in and out of the cask before serving is one of the final variables that effect the finished product—Hardwood and Cane Porous Spiles allow the cask to vent so you can control quality.

Rubber Mallet

Behind every great spile or tap there’s a great rubber mallet, and behind every great rubber mallet there’s a great cellar manager… Tap your kegs with glee now you know that you have everything you need for a well-run cellar!


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