Save the water bill & the environment with the shot clip

Could this be one of the most convenient bar inventions of all time? How often do you find yourself scurrying around for a thimble measure? Thimble measures are very low cost, and most bars will have a fair few, but it still doesn’t stop them all from going missing when you need them most… This is one problem the Shot Clip solves. But wait, there is more…

beaumont shot clip

Legend has it that the Shot Clip was invented for a different reason. Prior to the days of front-bar integrated glass washers, a lot of bars didn’t even have a sink let alone an integrated glasswasher on the front bar. The Shot Clip allowed for each bottle of prestige spirit to have its own, sometimes branded, thimble measure. This reassured the customer that their expensive glass of Macallan is not contaminated by the residue of a less desirable spirit.

Today, almost every bar has some form of sink facility, yet the Shot Clip remains a useful tool. Beyond assigning thimble measures to specific spirits, the shot clip also encourages an organised and efficient bar, which in turn allows for more customers to be served in a shorter space of time during busy service.

By assigning a recyclable solid metal thimble measure to a specific spirit using the shot clip, you can save on washing thimble measures in between every pour, saving the water bill and the environment all in one small action.

shot clip

Available in a beautiful chrome finish, the shot clip secures onto any bottle with a speed-pourer attached. Furthermore, the chrome finish matches up perfectly with the chrome finish of the speed-pourers – ensuring the bottles behind your bar look uniform and professional.

The shot clip is manufactured to be hard-wearing, but not heavy. Ensuring that when attached it doesn’t unbalance the bottle whatsoever and negatively affect your pour. It will fit all standard 25ml, 35ml, and 50ml thimble measures and can be purchased in packs of 5.


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