Raise the Roof, Line the Walls, and Stack the Shelves with Spirit Measure Brackets from Beaumont

Whatever your aesthetic or the range of drinks on your menu, you want the customer to be wowed when they approach the bar. Whether you stock a wide range of spirits or just a standard few, your range will look altogether more impressive when hanging pride of place with the help of some wall or shelf brackets from Beaumont. Spirits behind the back bar are a classic sight at any pub or bar and give off a certain feeling of familiarity, also creating a feeling of abundance, whether you opt for something as ostentatious as 150 ceiling-mounted bottles (as in the image above), or you pump for a modest 2-4 bottle rack.

One thing is for certain. You need a brand of bracket you can trust with the fate of your precious stock. And when it comes to reliability, performance and aesthetics, no one has more industry faith than Beaumont…

Single Bottle Brackets

Wall Brackets

Available in a range of sizes, single bottle wall brackets can be great for getting creative with different arrangements (like in the example above). If you’re tight on space and can’t fit very many bottles in a row behind the bar then they’re also a great solution.

Shelf Brackets

If you have shelving behind the bar that you want to transform, then shelf brackets are for you. Featuring a clamp that allows them to be non-permanently (but very securely) attached to shelves, you can always move them if you are unsure.


Rotary Stands

Depending on your space and how you use them, rotary stands can either be used as a space-saver, getting maximum storage out of a corner, or they can be a real stand-alone feature if you allow them to take pride of place behind the bar.

Wall brackets

If you’re looking to pack the most into the space and install one fitting for all your spirit measure needs, our range of wall brackets has you covered for a small, medium, or larger range for your back bar.

Explore the full range of Spirit Measure Brackets here.

All brackets perform best when paired with our Spirit Measures… 

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