Preparing for Autumn: Tastes and Trends

The sadness that comes with summer’s end is quickly replaced by excitement and enthusiasm as the warm and comforting colours of autumn begin to emerge! It’s important to be prepared for this transition by ensuring that you have the menu and aesthetics to match. Autumn can be a great period for bars. It’s not too cold, so lots of people are still happily out and about, and it’s not warm enough to sit around in a park, so the natural destination is your trusted drinking establishment!

Summer is for bright colours and sweet flavours. Whilst the leaves are green, the sky is blue, and people are partying, it’s about tall, slender glasses, fresh fruit garnishes, and cocktail umbrellas. As the days grow shorter and the leaves turn brown, fuller flavours and a darker aesthetic are more suitable. To be fully prepared, it’s a good idea to follow the changes in tastes and trends. It’s also great to have barware to match, and Beaumont’s antique brass and copper range has got you covered here!

Smoky, spiced, and tart flavours are staples of autumn beverages. Warm spices like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom are perfect, either through infusions, syrups, or garnishes. These flavours evoke feelings of cosiness. Amaro, bitter Italian liqueurs, and other digestifs are ideal for sipping as the weather cools down. These flavours can be used to create complex, bitter-sweet cocktails.

Cocktails that balance sweetness with tartness are gaining popularity. Think about serving drinks that use citrus, cranberry, or pomegranate for a tangy twist. Cider-based drinks also tend to become more popular during the autumn. Flavoured and premium craft ciders are on an upward trend in terms of popularity year-on-year.

It’s important to refresh your garnishes too. Seeing as you can’t rely on bright colours and fresh fruit as much, make use of dehydrated fruit and edible flowers. Classic whiskey and bourbon cocktails will inevitably be on the rise, so creative ice cubes are also a great idea!


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