Pourers to the people. How do you like to pour?

When it comes to pourers the team here at Beaumont TM certainly have you covered. We have over 12 different pourers to chose from, tall, short, fat, or thin; plastic, stainless steel, rubber or chrome. It all depends on how you like to pour, each of our pourers bring something to the table, whether it is economy or longevity – we are sure we will have a pourer for you.


Seeing as we just mentioned it, lets kick off with our more economical pourers. Generally, these are very low cost per unit but at the same time are a no-frills style pourer. They don’t look incredible or stand out particularly from the crowd but they most certainly do the job.

The Cap-on-Pourer

The cap on pourer sits just inside the neck of the bottle, popping into place with a little bit of applied force. Bear in mind you may need a fair amount of force to get them back out of your bottle necks!

cap on pourers

This is great for bars and establishments which prefer to present their spirit bottles with caps and lids on, but still want to be able to pour in a controlled and professional way. The cap on pourer is fantastic for this, creating a very easy to control and accurate stream of liquid from the bottle to the glass – similar to any free flow pourer or speed pourer, but without being visible! Be careful though, some customers may think it is some sort of dark magic!

The cap on pourer is also a really inexpensive way of kitting out your establishment with professional free flow pourers, that cost a fraction of what a typical speed pourer or spirit measure would cost as an equivalent. Convenient and disposable the cap on pourer is perfect for a range of applications, from bars with a lid on style, to temporary outdoor bars and events due to the inexpensive nature of the product. This relatively inexpensive pourer versus others means that if the cap on pourer is your style, then it can also represent fantastic value for money.


The Freeflow Plastic Pourer

Similar to the cap-on-pourer the freeflow plastic pourer is made from plastic, is particularly convenient and disposable. Again, the economy freeflow pourer, which is available in black, red, translucent, and chrome, is for those establishments that want to be able to get hold of a very large number of pourers at a very low cost.

They don’t necessarily carry the same advantages as the cap-on-pourer, however as a freeflow pourer they do give you a more consistent and faster pour that something like the cap-on-pourer – and when it comes to very busy bars on a weekend, we all know that lost time represents lost money.



These particular pourers were invented, we suspect, for one reason and one reason only – to save your bar from the financial leak that can be wastage! The Aquaflow Pourer and the Sure Shot Pourer are measured pourers, which essentially means they measure out a shot before pouring it – ensuring that only the measured amount leaves the bottle each time. These are available in a variety of sizes such as 25ml, 35ml and 50ml.

The Sure Shot Pourer

precision pourers


Potentially the most popular measured pourer across the pond, the Precision Pour or Sure Shot Pourer is a mechanical work of art. Using a complex yet intelligent system of ball bearings, surgical grade plastic and more, the Precision Pour provides the pourer with a perfectly measured pour each and every time – depending on the size of the Precision Pour.

What is fantastic about the Precision Pour and its 3-ball bearing design is that it will dispense just like any other pourer with a steady and accurate stream – however, it will only ever dispense the amount of liquid stated on that particular Precision Pour. For example, if it is a 50ml Precision Pour then it will only ever dispense 50ml when turned upside down, a bit like a cross between a speed pourer and a bar measure – perfect for getting on top of those bartenders who may occasionally overpour.

Aquaflow Pourer


The Aquaflow Pourer works much in the same way as the Sure Shot Pourer in the sense that it is a measured pourer, however as you can see, they look very different. The Aquaflow Pourer is chrome plated so when polished up it looks fantastic and is a real eye catcher and a good conversation starter.

The great advantage of the Aquaflow Pourer over something like the Sure Shot Pourer however is the lack of the need to prime the pourer. The Sure Shot Pourer needs to be primed before use by holding a finger over the spout and quickly turning the bottle over, with the Aquaflow there is no priming needed whatsoever, just plug and play.

The ‘Best of the Best’

Perhaps your point of differentiation is your attention to quality and detail in your establishment, if that is the case then the TD 105-30 is the only pourer for you.

The TD 105-30

Designed, tested and endorsed by the UK’s most famous flair bartender in the last 15 years, Tom Dyer, the TD 105-30 is sold in over 32 countries, employed in some of the best bars in the world and used in 100’s of bar schools. Winning countless competitions and a career that involves working with big players in the drinks industry such as Diageo and Red Bull, Tom Dyer worked in partnership with the design team at Beaumont TM to create the TD 105-30 – the pourer designed for bartenders by bartenders.


Designed to alleviate nearly all the issues bartenders face with pourers on a daily basis, the TD 105-30 is entirely made from chrome with a soft rubber cork. All the materials, from the chrome alloy used in the pourer to the rubber seating, are of the highest quality. High quality materials ensure longevity in the first instance and ease of use in the second.

The rubber cork used is soft and flexible but also hard wearing and firm, ensuring that there is tight seal and no leak. Furthermore, we have even thought carefully about the way the cork is attached to the pourer body, it has been done in such a way that makes it almost impossible to leave any part of the pourer stuck in the bottle neck when you try to remove it.

In addition to this the chroming used on the structure of the pour spout is thicker and is highly resistant to rust, the structure of the pourer has also been specially designed from top to bottom to give the user a smooth and consistent pour – this involves balancing the air intake just right -there is more science behind it than you might think!

Which pourer are you?

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