The pineapple wedger behind the perfect Pina Colada

With nice weather approaching (some parts of the UK recorded temperatures as high as 20 degrees today!) it is almost time to start breaking out those summer cocktails. What cocktail, above all cocktails embodies everything we love about summer? That’s right you guessed it – the Pina Colada!

In light of this recent turn of weather and to make the most of it before it undeniably regresses to being overcast and windy, we have put together a short list of some very useful tools for making fruity cocktails, in particular the Pina Colada.

The centre of attention,and a bartenders dream, is our smart pineapple slicer and wedger. We also have a very smart lime and lemon wedger but when it comes to a Pina Colada this is the wedger you need (pictured below).

pineapple wedger

Available in packs of 3, the pineapple wedger is a must have for the bar that is likely to be inundated with requests for Pina Coladas, Pineapple Rum Coolers and Mai Tai’s! Made entirely of hard wearing plastic so it should survive even the most clumsy bartender. The plastic that makes up the pineapple wedger is also very easy to clean and is happy in the standard dishwasher or glasswasher.

Perfect for busy bars who require a lot of fruit preparation or who are likely to run out of prepared fruit at some point during service, the pineapple wedger makes such light work of almost any pineapple. All you need to do is use a knife to cut off the top and bottom and you are good to go.

You can choose to create wedges from only a small part of the pineapple, or divide up the whole pineapple in one swift movement! Either way, you will save a lot of time on the typical pineapple preparation, which leaves the bartenders more time to serve and keep the customers happy and in high spirits.

Actually a 4 in 1 device, you can use the pineapple wedger to create wedges, peel, core and slice a pineapple.


The Pina Colada

In order to make the traditional Pina Colada (blended with crushed ice) the pineapple wedger and our Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut are the perfect mix. Available in cartons of 24, the Coco Lopez cream of coconut is one of the most popular coconut products available.

High in quality, accurate in taste and packaged in a tin can, this cream of coconut is great to store all year round – and will preserve its freshness and flavour well.

pineapple wedger

Using our great ice crusher with a vacuum base (to avoid that annoying leak you invariably get with every ice crusher!) – all that is left to acquire to make the perfect Pina Colada is one maraschino cherry, rum and a blender!
pineapple wedger
Last and by no means least, here is the traditional Pina Colada recipe you have been waiting for:

Pina Colada Cocktail Recipe

– Pour rum, cream of coconut and pineapple juice into a blender with one cup of crushed ice.
– Blend until smooth, and pour into a martini glass or collins glass.
– Garnish with a slice of pineapple and a maraschino cherry.
– Serve and enjoy.

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