Our Tiki Favourites For World Rum Day

World Rum Day falls on Saturday 9th July, and all around the world bars will be mixing up their favourite rum-based creations. You can keep the refinement of some of rum’s more sophisticated cocktail cousins – rum cocktails are all about one thing – fun! And nothing says fun like Tiki barware. Most of us have one or two great memories that start with Tiki cocktails – usually in a bar somewhere – either on a beach for real, or just somewhere decked out to look the part for the night!

Either way, we remember those nights and the bars we were in because that Tiki serve disrupted the everyday and stuck out in our minds, also having the effect of adding that sense of fun, helping people to drop their guards and let the good times roll!

So, this World Rum Day we thought we’d go through a few of our Tiki favourites, including some suggestions of how to serve them in the Beaumont Tiki range.

Piña Colada: Ceramic Coconut Tiki Mug

Many would deem the Piña Colada the lord of all Tiki cocktails, and most would probably admit it is the most iconic. And to do the beautiful tropical, rich coconutty classic justice we’ve gone for an equally classic serve – the coconut itself. While some would go for a real coconut shell, this doesn’t always lead to the most pleasant experience for the customer and can also be impractical for bar staff, so our ceramic version is a great solution, that looks great, and keeps the Piña Colada close to its roots.

Mai Tai: Ceramic Toscano Lono Tiki Mug

Zingy, citrusy, with a potent rum kick (when made correctly) the Mai Tai is definitely a central figure in the Tiki line-up, and probably the cocktail most associated with the Polynesian influence in the Tiki aesthetic. Mai Tai literally translates as “good” in Tahitian, and it’s bound to look mighty good when served in the Toscano Lono Mug. When choosing a vessel for the Mai Tai we wanted to channel that Polynesian aesthetic with a stunning carved effect. Moreover, the Mai Tai is not generally served in a tall glass or mug – so the Toscano Lono was the clear choice – fitting perfectly in the hand, looking awesome and ticking all the boxes!

Zombie: Ceramic Easter Islander Tiki Mug

The story goes that Donn Beach originally created the Zombie to help a hung-over customer get through a business meeting. The customer returned days later to complain that he had been turned into a zombie for his entire trip! Strong enough to wake the undead, the zombie packs a punch and is certainly not for the faint-hearted. To match this cracking origin story, and a cocktail with a reputation that proceeds it, we’ve gone for the Easter Islander Mug – with facial features worthy of a zombie, you just know you’ll be doing your best Sean of The Dead walk the next time you get up to visit the lavatory.

Rum Punch: Ceramic Tiki Mug With Handle

Would it be World Rum Day without a rum punch? Absolutely not. Whether at a bar which is measuring to exact quantities or at a party where a suspect party-goer has spiked the punch with copious amounts of alcohol, everyone has a good rum punch story.

To go with the humble rum punch, we’ve gone for a fairly unassuming, rustic-feeling tiki mug, with a handle – perfectly suited to those party moments when you’re standing up, busting a move, or mingling with friends.

Obviously, it should go without saying that all of these Tiki classics require ostentatious, over-the-top garnishes… and our range of garnish picks should come in handy there…

We have even more wonderful Tiki items in our full Tiki range.

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