Our ice bucket range just got a whole lot cooler

As many of our customers know, we have a very wide range of ice buckets and coolers, in all manner of shapes, sizes, materials and finishes. We are happy to report that range has got a little wider with two new additions. Although not revolutionary introductions, these two new additions complete the range – ensuring if you want one of our plastic bucket coolers you can now get it in white, black, or clear and if you want an ice bucket to store your ice cubes, you can now get it in big and small.

With the winter months fast approaching and Autumn well and truly here, the banqueting season is about to begin and with it a huge demand for ice-cold champagne, prosecco and wine.

The new cooler is built to the same specifications as the black and clear versions, which means a durable and recyclable plastic that will act as a great insulator, keeping your bottles nice and cold. These coolers are nice and big, which means, with ice, you can fit about 3-4 standard-sized bottles of wine inside. Without any bottles, these coolers will hold 8 litres of ice or liquid.

With a cool and modern look to it, the minimal style of the white plastic wine cooler will fit the decor of many a club and bar. Ergonomically designed, this cooler is very easy to carry, which we know can be difficult with other coolers, particularly when they are full of ice and a bottle or two! If you prefer you can also have your ice coolers branded with your company logo, have a read of our blog on this subject to find out more.

Our second addition is a smaller version of the brushed aluminium ice bucket. Bars, pubs, restaurants and more that make use of these ice buckets tend to do so as it allows ice to be quickly and easily accessible. Usually, this is because they don’t have stations with built-in ice wells, or they recognise it is inefficient for their staff to be going back and forward to the ice machine for every serve.

As a result, our simple but effective brushed aluminium ice bucket has become a favourite in the industry, although some feedback called for a smaller version as space can be limited behind the bar. The 10.5 litre is our original but this new, smaller version will hold 6 litres. Foil-wrapped on the inside, the insulation power of this ice bucket is great, ensuring that your ice isn’t going to waste. Just make sure to keep that lid on!


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