Orders for the shelf liner are lining up with this limited time price…

Introducing the next limited time offer from Beaumont, which will be running from the 16th March through to the 30th March. Only available for this two week period, the price of our popular shelf liners will be reduced from £35.64 to £32.00.

The shelf liner is a great addition to any establishment that houses a lot of glassware, such as bars and restaurants. The main advantage of the shelf liner is how it allows the glasses, which are usually placed upside down, to still have access to an air flow.

As anyone who has worked in a place where lots of glasses are used and seated on shelves will tell you, without a shelf liner these glasses will be air tight. Without an element of air flow, glasses placed upside down on shelves (particularly if they have just come out of a glass washer) will refuse to dry and might even start to smell. The shelf liner allows your glasses to have a continuous air flow, therefore ensuring when you grab a glass from the shelf to serve a customer it is clean, dry and ready to go.

If you are very busy, during the summer months for example, running out of glassware can be a real problem for your business. Without glasses customers cannot be served, and when customers are made to wait their view of your business will often plummet alongside their happiness levels. From a hygiene perspective also, allowing an airflow into your glassware ensures that harmful bacteria doesn’t have an area to multiply.

Easy to clean, our shelf liners can be wrapped up and popped in the glass wash. Although we recommend getting them out from the shelf and giving them a good wipe down. The shelf liners are also very easy to customise, making sure they fit perfectly on the length and width of your shelf. Just grab a pair of scissors and trim to your hearts content.

As always, we have taken into consideration style when designing our shelf liners. We certainly haven’t taken our inspiration from Henry Ford – you can have any colour, as long as its black, white, red, green, or clear. The green and red shelf liners are particular favourites and you don’t need to worry about the colours running or fading.

At 61cm wide by 10m long, one or two rolls of shelf liner usually does the job for most establishments. So get them while they are discounted! For a limited time only.

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