One wine cooler to rule them all…

Please forgive our Lord of the Rings reference, we do really love our new wine cooler. The weather is turning and the UK is once again warming up! No doubt the rain will come, until that time however let’s get out and enjoy the sun. With this heat comes a demand for cold, we have a brand new friend to introduce who could help with that. Meet our new plastic wine/Champagne/any drink you like cooler…

Made from a thick and durable plastic, this ice bucket will remain strong and shouldn’t crack easily. If you were to drop one anyway we would be making a strong case to save the wine and Champagne before the cooler!

wine cooler

Coming in at 345x260x260mm the new plastic wine and Champagne cooler is of a good size and will easily fit 3, maybe 4, standard sized bottles of wine inside. In total it will hold a hefty 8 litres of ice or liquid, although we would recommend ice. The plastic employed to build this ice cooler was also chosen due to its design, ensuring your ice wont melt within minutes of hitting the sun.

wine cooler

Available in transparent and black this ice bucket will slot in at almost any pub across the UK and due to its size it beats most ice buckets we can think of in terms of how many bottles you can comfortably fit inside. The interesting curvature and style of the ice bucket design is two fold, not only does it bring something aesthetically different to the realm of ice buckets but the ergonomic design ensures it is a comfortable and easy ice bucket to carry around, even once filled with 8 litres of ice!

wine cooler

Our Signature range holds a number of ice buckets and Champagne coolers that are far more suitable for evening and restaurant use and these are often used in hotels and restaurants alike. Whereas the new plastic wine and Champagne cooler is much more suitable for daytime use, perfect for pubs and festival bars for example.

No ice bucket is complete without an ice scoop or pair of tongs however. Although the ice is mainly to keep the bottles cool it is always a good idea to serve your ice bucket with at least a pair of ice tongs to allow the user the opportunity to effortlessly remove and use the ice in the bucket if they see fit.

wine cooler

Other ice buckets of this style are also available from Beaumont TM, ranging in size from 4 litres right up to 25 litres – so whatever your requirement we have you covered. To discover more about the new plastic wine/Champagne cooler and view our other coolers of this style:

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