Nothing Breathes Class Like Antique Brass…

At Beaumont, we offer the majority of our products in a range of finishes for our customers to choose from. Our stainless steel and copper finishes are particularly popular, and on top of material and colour, we have many styles like hammered finishes, art deco designs and much more to make sure every client can find the exact aesthetic to suit their establishment.

Variety is the spice of life, and there are thousands of bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels using our products around the world, each of them with a totally unique atmosphere, and barware to match. But when it comes to subtlety and class, it’s hard to beat Antique Brass.

Antique brass goes brilliantly with greens and blues. If you have bold blocks of either of these in your place, or a cool grey theme set off by flashes of colour then Antique Brass is definitely for you. If your layout brings the outside in, and you have lots of plants around, or an expansive window out to some green space then it should look great in that environment too.

The Antique Brass Range from Beaumont…

Antique Brass 500ml Curved Moscow Mule Mug

When crafting the perfect Moscow Mule, one thing is unquestionable – it has to be a metal mug. Metal conducts the icy cold contents and provides a great aesthetic. Within that though, there are plenty of Moscow Mule mugs out there. Our antique brass mug with its artisan aged brass finish, curved sides, and ornate handle has a truly wholesome feel that matches up with the classic status this iconic cocktail has earned.

Antique Brass Banded Jigger 25ml/35/50ml 

*Not Government Stamped

You may think that smaller items like measures and jiggers don’t need a lot of attention when it comes to aesthetic finish, but you’d be sorely mistaken. If you have cocktails on the menu and you’re using jiggers to make them, then the display you put on while serving is all part of the customer experience, and they’ll be watching eagle-eyed as your staff measure and mix their drinks. With clear markings for various measures, our Antique Brass jiggers are practical as well as beautiful.

Antique Brass 18 oz Tin and 28 oz Boston Can Set

If customers’ passing eyes aren’t caught by your beautiful jiggers, they’re bound to notice your shakers. The true centrepiece of any cocktail bar’s barware, your shakers represent your brand, and great ones will have your bar staff shaking them with pride and precision. The Boston can is a classic style that is simply perfect alongside antique brass.

Antique Brass 450mm Collinson Spoon

There aren’t many more antique-looking items than the Collinson Spoon. When you pull out your 450mm Beaumont Spoon with a flourish, mix your beautiful creations, or pour ingredients down the spiralled stem, the antique finish will just make sense!

Antique Brass Round Strainer

Cocktail Strainers are something Beaumont has taken to the level of fine art, with our extensive and ever-expanding range of strainers covering everything from classic fine mesh strainers to the skull and scorpion desings in our brand new range. But if those sound a bit out there, an antique brass strainer will go perfectly with your other equipment and keep that subtle class running right the way through.

Antique Brass Muddler

Muddlers may seem like more brutal instruments compared to the other items in the range, but they also require artistry and a delicate finish. If you’re using fresh fruit, herbs and other ingredients to make syrups and juices for your cocktails then you should have stunning barware to do those fresh ingredients justice, and an antique brass muddler from Beaumont does just that – and then some.

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