It’s not too late to top up for Christmas!

Pubs and bars across the land, we know this can be your busiest time of year. Fear not we are here for you with next day delivery, Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! If you are running low on any of your front and back of house essentials we can get these to you double time, albeit in a van rather than a sleigh – although that would do wonders for our fuel bills, let us look into that for next year.

Here is a list of some of the essentials you may need to top up on this Christmas period:

Optics, brackets & spare optic corks

Sometimes referred to as optics, spirit measures are the mainstay in many a pub up and down the country.  Perhaps our most successful product, the spirit measure is available in a variety of different designs. Although long lasting, every few years you may need to update your spirit measures, especially if they haven’t been regularly maintained.

25ml Solo Classical Spirit Measure

Although not sold together, the spirit measure is lost without the wall bracket as the wall bracket is lost without the spirit measure. Available in a number of variants including the shelf bracket, self standing brackets, wall bracket, round bracket and square bracket – this device will ensure your bottle of liquid revenue stays safe and well secured.

pub essentials

Adjustable to ensure that different sized bottles can be used in the wall and shelf bracket system we even have a Euro adaptor available which essentially makes the Beaumont optics European friendly, ensuring they can be used with non-refillable bottles, which are widely sold in Europe.

Wine re-sealers, champagne buckets, and stirrers

What usually accompanies copious amount of food at Christmas? Well, copious amounts of drink – usually wine or champagne or something of that sort! And with New Year’s celebrations following Christmas there is no sign of this demand for wine and champagne dwindling. Do you have enough wine coolers, or champagne buckets if 80% of your tables order wine, champagne, or bucks fizz this Christmas?

copper wine cooler

Perhaps most importantly, do you have enough wine sealers for the many bottles of house wine that are bound to be opened up by frenzied staff during this busy time? An often overlooked but bottom line saving tool, the wine re-sealer will ensure your opened bottle of wine remains drinkable for the week and should avoid anyone receiving a glass of house vinegar this festive season!


Finally, we have the stirrers of course! Disc stirrers, flat ball stirrers, rod stirrers, prism stirrers maybe even their finger if they are desperate. The classic disc stirrers are some of the most popular, however all of our stirrers are made from a strong a durable plastic that ensures that you have no issues with disintegration or a bendy structure, there is nothing worse than a flimsy stirrer. Our 7 inch disc stirrers are available in red, green, blue, black, clear, white and assorted if you just fancy a few of each; whereas the six inch version are available in assorted or black.


Trays, glass collecting carriers and cellar sundries

We have a wide variety of non slip trays from your more traditional circular trays to something a bit different with our rectangular serving trays. Customers don’t appreciate an old or grimy serving tray and your front of house staff will appreciate an intact non slip surface so make sure your serving trays are in good working order. For something a bit more formal, take a look at a our exquisite brushed aluminium non slip tray below.


There are two periods of the year where clean glasses in your pub or bar are like goldust. More often or not this isn’t because there aren’t enough glasses in the building, but rather that they aren’t being collected and cleaned quick enough. With our glass carrying baskets you can work smarter rather than harder. Just stack the glasses in the slots provided and with one in each hand you should be able to collect almost everything in one trip! Efficiency here we come!


Essential to any Pub that stocks real ale is the Beaumont TM cask ale tap otherwise known as the Abbot tap. There are a few subtle design elements to the Abbot cask ale tap. The ridges along the whole length of the shaft will ensure that when tapped in to the barrel via the keystone (wooden or plastic), the tap will both go in and come out of the keystone very easily compared to other cask ale taps. Furthermore, you will also see a number of small holes towards the end of the shaft of the tap, this allows the tap to source ale from the depths of the barrel when the level of the ale is getting low, therefore ensuring you get every drop of ale out of the barrel that you have paid for! Also available in a double version if preferred.

cask ale taps

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