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Introducing the next generation of Beaumont bartender, coming straight from the renowned European Bartender School in London, Manchester, Milan, and Paris. Beaumont are committed to giving back to the bartender community, which are invariably the end users of many of our products. European Bartender School (EBS) educates people of all different backgrounds and nationalities in bartender best practice, and considering best practice is something we also try to illicit with the design of our product range, it was a no brainer to offer our support to these EBS schools – especially when we found our beloved barware was being used!

beaumont bartender

EBS students use bartending as a way of travelling around the world, financing studies, making new friends, creating important networks, earning money and most importantly having fun. With 25 schools in 18 different countries and 4 continents from Europe to Asia and Australia EBS educate and recruit bartenders from all over the world. EBS work closely together with respected brands in the global industry to ensure constant development and career opportunities for all their students across the globe.

It was great to find our barware tools in use at EBS Manchester, London, Milan, and Paris with shakers, muddlers, pour spouts, tins, and bar mats. It appears our ‘bouncing rubber floor mats‘ prove considerably useful for the flair classes at EBS, ensuring that when inevitably that glass, tin, or flair bottle is dropped – it bounces right back, with no or minimal damage. We have to say not what we had imagined they would be used for, yet very impressed!

beaumont bartender

Finding our barware products in use also provided us with a fantastic opportunity to rigorously test all of our barware and equipment in the setting it was designed for. All of the students and instructors give us a fantastic amount of feedback on the weight, shapes, styles, and all manner of things that influence what makes a good piece of barware or equipment. This relationship strongly supports our product innovation, ensuring we can continue to bring out the best of the best in barware, cocktail ware, and bar equipment year on year. As well as providing us with a great way to give back to the bartender community

Beaumont bartender

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