New year, New You? | 5 Bits of Beautiful Barware To Help You Refresh in 2022!

As 2021 draws to a close, many in the hospitality trade emerge exhausted, battered and bruised from a hectic festive period – so do stocks of barware! If you’re looking around at the end of the night thinking the place could do with a revamp, here are some barware items that can add to a new aesthetic direction for the new year – they may be minor additions, but they make a big difference – and are quicker and simpler than a lick of paint!


Mezclar 550ml Art Deco Copper Plated Shaker

The truly graceful design of this shaker can add a splash of magic to the place, taking your clientele back to a classier time… its copper plating bringing a lovely dose of warmth to the room…

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If you’re looking to go in a copper direction we have plenty of other bits of beautiful barware that you’ll want to check out in our Copper Range.


The Grail Jigger *NGS

Tom says it much better in the video below, but the Grail is something really special. Designed by Tom for a sophisticated look and to enable bartenders to expand their craft skills and creativity, equipping your bar staff with a tool like this could quickly enhance your wow factor.

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*Not government stamped


Ceramic Kane Tiki Mug

If I said “summer is just around the corner” it may feel like a bit of a stretch, but a bit of wishful thinking never hurt anyone, and it’s never too early to take it tropical… Tiki style.

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Check out our full Tiki Range.


Skull Garnish Pick

If you don’t think 2022’s going to be all rainbows, unicorns and Tiki Mugs you can take it in a darker direction with a Skull Garnish Pick that can add a real edge to a serve.

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Check out our full range of Garnish Picks.


Bollate Wine/Champagne Cooler

While it’s a little late to have this ready for the biggest bubbly night of the year, hopefully, there will be plenty of Champagne celebrations in 2022! With its grand bowl shape and hammered finish, the Bollate cooler brings a decadent feel to the table. Alternatively, the Bellagio Cooler offers a similarly opulent design, albeit with a thicker bowl.

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