New Year, New Frivolous Flavours! The Pleasure Revolution

It’s been argued that we’re on the cusp of huge upheaval in our ever-changing industry. With consumer tastes changing all the time, the onus is on you to captivate your clientele and delight their senses. Fortunately, barware from Beaumont is designed for the restlessly creative, always helping you adapt and innovate!

In their 2023 Cocktail Trends Report, Bacardi’s Global VP stated that “as cocktail culture flourishes, people are seeking inspiration from the new flavours, sensations, and experiences they’re seeing in bars and restaurants and using these to deepen their enjoyment in the creation of cocktails”. Over the next few weeks on the blog, we’ll be having a closer look at what some of the findings in Bacardi’s Trends Report might mean for you.


The first trend they’ve highlighted is that people are interested in new and exciting ingredients, and “fun and frivolous favours”.  They call this the “Pleasure Revolution”.

Consumers are after cocktails with intense flavours, and exciting ingredients that drag their senses right across the flavour palette – from bitter to sweet to tangy to spicy. Drinks that offer the sensations of tingling, burning, and cooling the taste buds are in high demand. So, it’s time to get creative and pull out all the stops, with foams, slushies, and whatever else you can think of!

The focus on fun should also translate to presentation as well. So, being well-equipped with a range of show-stopping barware to pull off eye-catching serves could be more important than ever. This is especially important when you consider that more than 30% of drinkers in the UK are choosing to make cocktails at home…

Whilst this could provide a problem for bars, the consumer appetite for enjoyment and experimentation to escape the doom and gloom of daily life means that to quote the report, “mixologists are free to innovate and elevate cocktail experiences to excite the senses”.

So, there’s a real opportunity to distinguish your establishment as a place worth visiting for the intrigue and novelty that you offer. It’s time for the master mixologist to step forward and show the masses why the golden age of cocktail culture is the roaring 2020s!


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