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This last year of on-and-off Covid-19 induced lockdown has brought about many changes in society, some good, some not so good. One of the better ones is the huge uptick in home bar creators. We love a home bar, the more creative the better. Some people opt to go all out and convert an entire room or shed into a micro-pub, others choose to repurpose a dresser or table, whatever your style or scale, we salute you!

With pubs and bars closed across the land, many have taken matters into their own hands. The home bar can be a relatively low-cost and fun way to enjoy yourself when a trip to your local is forbidden. Now as the weather gets warmer, and lockdown looks set to ease, the prospect of opening the home bar to friends and family becomes a reality once again. We all love to show off our homes, they are great platforms to demonstrate our creativity and design, the home bar has become yet another way to convey this – not to mention it also serves as a great place to congregate, oh, and pour a drink!

If you are yet to create a home bar but are considering it, then inspiration can be found far and wide. We have a broad range of home bar essentials in a whole host of styles, from olde English pub to 1920s cocktail bar, and there are countless Pinterest boards devoted to proud home bar creations. Our two latest additions stem from both a nautical and English pub theme. The last orders bell, and the cast metal bottle opener.

Although the notification of last orders isn’t a fun time for anyone, it has become a well-established institution of the traditional pub experience. Ding-ding-ding on the last order’s bell means different things to different people, it may mean drink up and get your order in for another, or perhaps it catalyses a discussion about where to go next? The beauty of adding the last orders bell to your home bar setting is that it can mean whatever you want it to. Purely symbolic and decorative, or a novel way to summon your family members, you decide!

Our second addition, the cast metal bottle opener, is purely utilitarian. One thing we can all agree on is that bottle openers are one of the greatest inventions, anything that makes life easier gets a yes from us. The cast metal wall-attached bottle opener emulates this experience, making bottle opening a breeze. Whereas your typical bar blade or waiters friend bottle opener is great, they do have a limitation. Remembering where you, or your friend, left it! Bar blades, in particular, are very slim and can easily find their way down the back of cushions, or into inconvenient nooks. This is a problem solved by the wall attached bottle opener, and, you can even double-up on that efficiency and effectiveness by placing an open-top bin directly beneath it.

In total, there are 3 new styles to choose from. The 4 inch last orders bell is available in both nickel and brass, and the wall-attached bottle opener in hard-wearing cast metal. Screws and fittings are included, so all you need to do is break out the tool kit and your home bar will be looking more-authentic before you know it.


Speak to the team about our new home bar essentials, the last orders bell and the cast metal bottle opener.

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