National Mint Julep Day: The Understated Beauty of the Julep Cup

The first Mint Julep was served at the Kentucky Derby in the 1930s, and since then the simple summer refresher has taken on iconic status. National Mint Julep Day in the US falls on the eve of June due to its proximity to the Derby – America’s most famed horseracing event. But it is also the most fitting time to get the Julep flowing as, being the start of summer and things beginning to really heat up, particularly in the southern states of the US, there is no better time for the ultimate refreshing and rejuvenating combination of crushed ice and cool mint (with a healthy measure of bourbon of course).

With every cocktail that achieves mythic status, there is one constant – a signature serve that makes it stand out from the crowd. Now, some may think that a cocktail needs to announce itself to the world with a flamboyant glass and in-your-face garnish, but this is not the case with the Julep. Instead, the humble-looking Julep Cup serves as its vehicle to cocktail super-stardom. The glory of a perfect Julep is a small, perfectly formed, frosty and tantalizing serve that cries out to be sipped – and it all starts and ends with the Julep Cup…

Mezclar 400ml Julep Cup Stainless Steel

As always, when you choose barware from Beaumont you are guaranteed the highest quality, and with the Julep in particular you need your cup to feel substantial and well-made – if it feels light and cheap the charm is halved, at best. Metal is important for the Julep Cup, giving it that frostiness all the way around, and we make our Julep Cups from easy-to-clean stainless steel. Steel also gives the cup a classy, vintage feel that somehow transports you back to 1930s America – take a sip, close your eyes and you could almost be at the Kentucky Derby on a perfect summer’s day.

Every Julep must be made with the utmost care and attention – in a small simple drink, with just a few ingredients it is important to treat them with the respect they deserve – muddling your mint leaves very gently. Any decent mixologist will tell you that if you treat your mint too harshly when you muddle it will quickly produce a bitter, unpleasant taste. The exactitude and gentleness that goes into every Julep, added to its simplicity really add to its understated, gentlemanly charm.

Cocktail Muddlers

Muddlers come in different shapes and sizes, but amongst our range, you’ll find the classy, gentle touch you’re looking for when serving your Julep. 

Julep Strainers

When it comes to straining, now that drinking a Julep with a straw is probably the most popular method of consumption, many people don’t bother to strain at all. But the beautiful Julep strainer (as its name suggests) was created specifically for straining the minty classic and is also used for other cocktails which create larger chunks like mint and large pieces of crushed ice. Our Julep Strainers are designed with their classic status in mind – to go perfectly with the Julep Cup and make the customer’s experience as immersive as possible, from creation to consumption!


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