Mezclar: The Professional Cocktail Mixing Range

Have you discovered our Mezclar range at Beaumont? Our kitchen, bar and hotel accessories in the Mezclar range are specifically designed to be some of our most elegant and striking cocktail accesories – perfect for establishments that want to add an exclusive or ‘high-end’ feel to their interior space or bar.

The versatility of Mezclar is incredible. It can add countryside charm to any room in your home and it can transform your bar into a retro-chic haven. Mezclar creates warmth in any location and its old-era beauty fashions a tinge of nostalgia. It perfectly complements minimalist colour schemes with its mellow colour and it is able to impeccably blend with a range of colours including classic metallic colours like chrome, gold, and silver.

Mezclar, which means ‘mix’ in Spanish, is an accurate description of the Mezclar range—a flawless cross between memories of your grandmother’s homely kitchen, the elegance of the art-deco period, and the gracefulness of innovative modernity, Mezclar should have a prime spot in anyone’s hotel, kitchen, home, or bar.

Mezclar Julep Cup

julep cup and julep strainer

The Mezclar Julep cup is a long standing favourite in the Mezclar range. Originally designed to be a julep cup as you see above, it has also been used for winter warmer cocktails (similar to the Moscow Mule mugs below), as well as a condiment holder! Put together from stainless steel this julep cup as with all our Mezclar range are of the highest quality, therefore ensuring you receive good value for money and a long lasting product. Just make sure to serve the Julep cup with a napkin, especially if it is a winter warmer cocktail!

Have a go at making your own classic Mint Julep cocktail:

Julep Recipe

  • 50ml Bourbon
  • 10ml ODK Sugar Syrup
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters

Add mint & sugar syrup to the cup. Gently press the mint using a muddler.  Half fill cup with crushed ice then add the bourbon and the 2 dashes of bitters. Stir thoroughly, then add more crushed ice and stir again until well mixed.  Overfill with more ice then add a straw and garnish with mint.


Mezclar Cocktail Shakers

piccolo mini shaker

The Piccolo is a fantastic all in one shaker, with no need for extras whatsoever, you know the Piccolo will always deliver. With a detachable top third and a removable lid the Piccolo mini shaker is not only painless to use (perfect for you first timers!) but also really easy to clean afterwards. We all know how sticky cocktail making can get, but the Piccolo with its easily detachable parts and stainless steel finish will be back to its best in no time and with little effort. And it looks unrivalled in its cuteness on the front or back bar, there is no beating that…


Mezclar Moscow Mule Mugs

With the weather starting to turn we thought it may be a good idea to throw in a couple of our fantastic all rounders in the Mezclar range, the Moscow Mule Mugs! Great for a crushed ice cocktail, or perhaps just a good old Moscow Mule, these mugs really come into their own with a hot winter toddy! A well conceived winter cocktail can be impossible to pass up on a chilly day, especially with a heady aroma of sweet Christmas cake spices filling the air and a warm copper-plated Moscow Mule mug. You don’t need to be in a ski lodge or reclining in a Chesterfield propped by the fire at a local pub to enjoy a fortifying winter potion, all you need is a few recipes, the correct cocktail tools, and a bit of a know how…

Here at Beaumont we have some of the best Winter toddy accompaniments, ensuring that each and every Winter cocktail you make or serve is enjoyed as a hot toddy should be. It can be a great idea to make sure you have some specific vessels for enjoying your hot toddy, glassware over time can weaken – especially if there is an extreme temperature change, for example using a glass for a tall Long Island Ice Tea, washing it out and repurposing it for a Winter cocktail. The heat of the Winter toddy when served, can quite easily lead to the cracking and breaking of the glassware.

This of course can be avoided by investing in some specific Winter cocktail glassware,or metalware in this case. We have two different forms of the Moscow Mule mug, both copper plated and rounded, although there are some slight differences to each in design – the main difference is the brass handle. Your drinking vessel is of course very important for a truly enjoyable hot Winter toddy – we take pleasure in wrapping our cold hands around this mug when it is all warmed up with a Winter cocktail!

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