Looking for a Touch of Class? Hammer it Home with Hammer-Finished Barware from Beaumont

Producing the highest standards of barware for a wide range of pubs, bars and restaurants across the industry, at Beaumont we strive to offer customers an extensive choice so that they can always find something to match their particular establishment. From high-end London cocktail bars to country pubs – experienced publicans and bar owners return to Beaumont year after year because they know that they’ll find dependable items in a range of styles, so whether they’re looking to stay firmly on brand, or explore new aesthetics with their barware, they’ll always find what they’re looking for.

This desire to cater for everyone leads us to constantly tweak and expand our range, keeping our ears close to the ground and monitoring the latest trends and customer feedback. Thus, we offer many of our products in a range of finishes – from copper-plated Champagne Stoppers to Brass Cocktail Mugs, to Tiki Shakers, to classic Wooden Muddlers, you’ll find all sorts in our range, but ever-increasing in popularity are our hammered finish products, which you’ll find in more abundance in our updated range for 2022.

Bringing added texture to your metalware, a hammered finish looks especially good when things are very cold – magnifying that chilled, icy look, for a real touch of class. Here are a few of our favourite hammer-finished items from across the range…

Appetiser Cup 8.5 x 8.5 cm

Stylish, small and dainty, perfect for serving sharing appetisers or side orders of food, a hammered appetiser cup brings a neat, vintage feel to the table.

1.5 Litre Ice Bucket (new item available from April 1)

A practical multi-purpose ice bucket, its hammered dimples and outwardly curved edges give it a subtly sophisticated look.

Copper Plated Hammered Mugs (new items available from April 1)

Some cocktails have to be served in metal – the Moscow Mules and Mint Juleps of this world as a bare minimum – but also a variety of others, like a nice Dark ‘n’ Stormy or even a Margarita go beautifully in a copper-plated hammered mug. 

Bollate Wine / Champagne Cooler

Nothing says decadence like a Bollate Cooler filled to the brim! Great for catering to big parties, especially celebrations like weddings where the bubbly is really flowing!

For more beautifully finished barware, be sure to check out our new and updated range…

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