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Do you know what a Mexican Elbow Squeezer is? Have you seen our Mexican Elbow Squeezer? Why is it even called a Mexican Elbow Squeezer? In Mexico, do they just refer to it as an Elbow Squeezer? So many poignant questions, that alas we do not have all the answers for…

Well, we know what a Mexican Elbow Squeezer is at least…

And we suspect so will you, even if you do not know it by name. One of the most popular squeezers,  certainly in the UK, the Mexican Elbow squeezer is one of the best squeezers in the business at juicing various juicy fruits, such as oranges, lemons, and limes! The mechanism of the Mexican Elbow works on a hinge, simply lift the top arm of the squeezer, place your cut fruit into the bowl (with the skin or outer edge of the fruit facing upwards) and push the top arm back down, squeezing together both handles tightly to juice your fruit of choice.

mexican elbow

Have we ever seen one?

Yes, right there… el-below you! That was easy. That’s our very own specially engineered Mexican Elbow squeezer.

mexican elbow

Why is it called a Mexican Elbow Squeezer?

Legend has it that hundreds of years ago a Mexican lone ranger (or as they say in Mexico, El Llanero Solitario), galloping across the great plains of central America was on a very important journey, when one night he was robbed of everything he had, except for his clothes and his horse.

Struggling to survive with the little food and water he had on him this lone ranger stumbled across a grove of lemon trees – in a bid to survive and sustain himself the lone ranger decided to take the fallen fruit and squeeze it for its juice and sustenance. Struggling to juice the fruit using brute strength and just his hands, as the story goes, the lone ranger decided to try and rip the fruits roughly in half, position the fruit on its side in between the inside of the elbow and bicep and use the natural leverage of pulling the forearm down towards the chest to juice the fruits in a far more efficient and less exerting manner. Hence the Mexican Elbow Squeezer!

Legend also goes that we just made all of that up. Sounds plausible though right?! No the truth is, we haven’t got a clue why it is called the Mexican Elbow – other than perhaps it is related to the motion of how the squeezer works and it was invented in Mexico…


mexican elbow squeezer

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