Keeping things tidy & clean behind the scenes

Behind the glitz of every bar is the unglamorous activity of cleaning and maintenance. It might be boring but it’s probably the most important thing allowing you to deliver high-quality service and drinks.

Ultimately, bar maintenance affects your bottom line. Keeping things organised and clean improves the customer’s experience and stops you from feeling like everything is out of control.

Maintenance is, of course, all about teamwork, leadership, and accountability. Clear roles and communication make sure everything gets done to a high standard and in a timely manner.

On top of daily maintenance, which you will (no doubt) have down to an exact science, you will probably have longer-term schedules for deeper cleaning. It’s important to remember that the smallest details such as cleaning your spirit measures and under bar mats have a huge impact on hygiene and customer experience.

All of our products are designed with bar staff in mind every step of the way. That’s why we ensure that they are as easy to clean as possible. Where possible products can be machine washed, and when they can’t be, they are easy to clean by hand.

One thing that goes overlooked is that a huge part of a well-maintained bar is having the right equipment. There are, of course, a million things to think about when making sure you’re well-equipped to keep things ship-shape, but here are just a few reminders of essential items for keeping things tidy and clean:

Bottle Skips

Do you have enough bottle skips? And are they distributed evenly around the back bar so they are accessible to all staff that need them? It’s a good idea to make sure you have enough so that they don’t need emptying too often! Having members of the team emptying bins too often can leave you short-staffed and can detract from the ambience you are trying to create.

Bar Mats

Bar mats look clean and tidy in and of themselves, but they also provide a key function in keeping things ship shape. Well-placed non-slip bar mats will reduce the likelihood of spillages and are designed to minimise liquid spreading across the bar.

Glassware Storage

Unfortunately, accidents do still happen, so making sure you have enough glassware stored away to cope when they do is absolutely vital.

Bar Caddies and Napkin Holders

It’s a great idea to spread bar caddies and napkin holders throughout the bar. If you’re worried they’re not in keeping with the upmarket style and aesthetic you’re going for, take a look at our range, which includes a beautiful Copper-Finished Napkin Holder, a Wooden Caddy, and black and chrome-finished holders.


Ashtrays and Ash Bins

Probably the most unglamorous of all the items listed here, but absolutely essential. There’s nothing worse than a pub garden or smoking area that’s covered in cigarette butts. Yes, you will always need to have regular clean-ups to get rid of stray butts, but being well stocked with subtle, stylish trays will keep the place looking neat in between times, and your staff will, no doubt, thank you when clean-ups are made quick and simple by easy-to-empty designs.


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