Is a fine mesh strainer neccessary?

A question as old as time! Is a fine mesh strainer necessary!? – Well maybe not as old as time, but this question is certainly one for the amateur bartenders amongst us. The age-old answer goes something like this, why would you need a second strainer? Just use the super-easy one that attaches to the cocktail tin or shaker, i.e. a Hawthorne strainer. Right? Right!?

Well no, not exactly. In fact, the fine mesh strainer is designed to complement the primary strainer. To be used with it, not instead of it. Why? Ultimately it is about creating higher quality, smoother cocktails.

Fine Mesh Strainer

No matter if you use a Hawthorne Strainer or a Julep Strainer, sometimes you need a little extra help and that’s where a fine mesh strainer comes in handy. Small shards of ice, bits of fruit and other solids can find their way past these strainers as the filtering isn’t quite as precise. Therefore an additional filter is necessary.
For example, if you ever see in the instructions – double-strain – this would require a fine mesh strainer to accompany your primary, Hawthorne, Gorky, or Julep strainer. Available in multiple sizes, fine mesh cocktail strainers are typically held directly beneath the primary strainer to achieve the proper filtration. Originally adapted from tea making, this particular strainer is a mainstay behind almost every bar today:

Essentially if you want seriously smooth drinks, or to make sure pesky bits of fruit pulp and seeds aren’t ending up in your aperitif, then make sure to double strain! It’s as easy as that. If you are a keen home bartender, make sure to use the link below to find our nearest Beaumont distributor!



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