Introducing Stillabunt by ODK

Foam Party!

If you know how to make drinks pack a punch, then the chances are you’ll know about ODK…

Since 1992 our Italian friends have been pushing the boundaries of innovation and flavour with their range of fruit purees, syrups, creams and powders.

Their latest slice of genius is a bottle of velvet. Literally.

Egg whites have been used to create a foamy finish in cocktails for over 150 years. Messy, expensive and most definitely vegan-unfriendly its time to move your foaming experience firmly into the 21st century.

Enter ODK. Their new Stillabunt Magic Velvet is a natural cocktail foamer like no other. Made from natural extracts this is a safe and a most definitely customer friendly option.

Containing no Gluten, sugar, nuts or alcohol and 100% vegan friendly this is a truly modern solution to getting the perfect foam head on your drinks.

Providing a foam that lasts up to 3 hours and eliminating the mess and time required to prepare a traditional egg white foam each bottle will make over 600 drinks.

Every 95ml bottle has a dropper integrated into the lid allowing precise and speedy service and a cost saving of 300% over traditional methods.

But why is it called Stillabunt?

Widely used by the Italian Humanist, Petrarca, Stillabunt describes a small drop of water, similar to a tear. It is classical Latin term more recently rediscovered after much of this language was lost during the Middle Ages.

The name Stillabunt to illustrates that just a few drops are enough to imbue your drinks with something special.

We couldn’t have put it better.

ODK cocktail fruit purees have long been admired for their patented bottle design.

The colour coded tops allow for easy identification in your speed rail or bar well and using ODK’s unique formula their fruit purees stay fresh for up to three months from opening.

Mandarin to Papaya, there are plenty of fruits to choose from.

ODK syrups are packed full of flavour and quality.

Heavily concentrated, a little ODK syrup goes a long way. The versatility of the syrup range ensures that we can cater to almost any taste, be it bubblegum or blueberry, cardamom or cassis.

Served in a stylish Italian glass bottle ODK syrups not only tastes good but looks great. Explore their range today…


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