Introducing… The Shot Clip

The Shot Clip

Introducing the shot clip, not only does it look fantastic, but it is also pretty useful – gone are the days of looking around for an unused jigger. Legend tells us that it was originally invented by a prestigious alcohol brand so that you always know that the measure that is being used to make your drink, has only been used for that alcohol and no others.

beaumont shot clip

Although this may only be a ‘tall tale’, it is certainly a good idea nonetheless! There are not many things worse than taking the first sip of your Hennesey XO, only to get a sharp aftertaste of scotch whiskey. The shot clip does go a long way towards avoiding cross contamination, ensuring that your drink tastes just as your remember it – especially so if your bar is not fitted with glass or jigger washers.

shot clip

Available in a beautiful chrome finish, the shot clip secures on to any bottle with a speed-pourer attached. Furthermore, the chrome finish matches up perfectly with the chrome finish of the speed-pourers – ensuring the bottles behind your bar look uniform and professional. – not to mention that the shot clip also helps certain bottles stand out on the back bar.

shot clip

The shot clip is manufactured to be hard wearing, but not heavy. Ensuring that when attached it doesn’t unbalance the bottle whatsoever and negatively affect your pour. It will fit all standard 25ml, 35ml, and 50ml thimble measures and can be purchased in packs of 5.

To find out more information about the shot clip, look at it in more detail, or to speak to one of our team about it please follow the link:

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