Introducing the Antique Brass, new for November

Elegant and subtle in its appeal, discover our newly created Antique Brass range. Consisting of a new strainer, jigger, muddler, tin on tin and bar spoon this beautifully brushed brass cocktail range not only looks great but performs exceptionally.  Find out more about each of the new Antique Brass additions to our Mezclar range below:

Antique Brass Strainer

A core essential for cocktail-making is a strainer. You’ve got all the ingredients, you’ve ‘shaken not stirred’ your creation, but now you need to be able to strain the cocktail so that you aren’t stuck with all of those unappealing, floating bits of fruit, or all of that unnecessary ice. Strainers are a staple item in any bar. Our new antique brass strainer muddles together the beauty of design with an unparalleled ease of use. Suitable for any glass wash and with an easily removable spring, the antique brass strainer can be cleaned and maintained with minimal effort.


Antique Brass Jigger

We are not sure if we have ever seen a jigger as stunning as our new antique brass jigger. Resilient and good value, the antique brass jigger will last through many uses and washes before showing any signs of degradation. The brushed brass finish used on this jigger will allow almost anything to be wiped away with ease and the brass really shines following the application of a little polish – ensuring your barware catches the eye of passing customers. Similar to our preciso jigger, this jigger has the standard UK 25ml measure one side and a 50ml measure on the other, with 5ml markings on the inside.


Antique Brass Bar Spoon

Bar spoons are terribly important to a bartender, one of the mainstays in the bartenders basic bar toolkit the bar spoon has an interesting variety of uses, depending on the type of bar spoon you opt for of course. Originally designed for the mixing process of bartending, i.e. cocktail stirring, the length and size of the bar spoon ensure it is the best instrument for the job allowing the spoon to get to the bottom of any cocktail tin or jug. Our new antique brass bar spoon encompasses all the great benefits of a bar spoon, allowing you to layer drinks, muddle, measure and make use of the twizzled shaft.


Antique Brass Muddler

A muddler is an essential bar tool that is used to smash and squash cocktail ingredients, finding the best muddler for the job can be hard. It is used in some of the most popular cocktails such as the Caipirinha, Mojito, and Old-fashioned. Essentially the muddler is nothing more than a bartender’s pestle and they are very easy to use. Our new antique brass muddler is one of our easiest muddlers to use to date. Specifically designed to remain strong and sturdy during the muddling process, the antique brass muddler will make short work of your typical cocktail ingredients.


Antique Brass Tin on Tin

Made up of a 28oz and a 16oz cocktail tin, the antique brass tin on tin shaker really looks impressive on the front bar. The brushed finish adds a subtle beauty and the different brown and silver hues ensure it stands out from all your typical other barware. A tin on tin shaker is very useful as opposed to a tin on boston glass shaker. The metal on metal seal is tighter than the metal on glass seal, so you shouldn’t see any random leaks while you are vigorously shaking! Furthermore, the fact that both the tins are entirely metal ensures that if you are making a hot or a cold cocktail, they will remain as such. Just be careful not to leave your hot toddies in too long, otherwise you will need a pair of mittens to pick it back up again!


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