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When it comes to running a successful bar, the importance of interior design cannot be understated. The look and layout of a bar create atmosphere, establish a brand identity, allow you to maximise your space in the most functional way, and facilitate social interaction.

Bar design has changed a lot of over time. During the early 1900s bars were hidden and illicit. The interior design was often simple and focussed on obscurity rather than aesthetic appeal. Barware was utilitarian and primarily designed to serve rather than impress.

During the mid-20th century, sleek modern designs with clean lines and minimalist decor were preferred reflecting broader architectural trends. Barware during this time became more elegant and sophisticated, as cocktail culture began to fully emerge.

Mezclar 550ml Art Deco Shaker Stainless Steel

In the 80s and 90s there was a more eclectic and vibrant aesthetic. Neon lights, mirrored surfaces, and loud colours accompanied the rise of more theatrical bartending styles, where flair and presentation began to play a significant role. Barware became more colourful and varied in style, to match the more elaborate decor.

Today’s bar designs often reflect a blend of the past and the present, with a strong emphasis on theme, ambiance, and experience. From retro chic to industrial, rustic, or ultra-modern. The range of options allows bars to create unique identities and experiences that appeal to a broad audience.

Antique Brass

Getting your design right depends on your identity and target demographic. The choice of colour plays a critical role in setting the mood. Earthy tones for rustic bars, stark blacks, and whites for modern designs, and vibrant colours for bars with a Tiki vibe are all good starting points.


This must be matched with functionality. Strategic layouts allow for better traffic flow and an easier service for your staff. Bar counters should be designed with both customer interaction and efficient service in mind.

Two major modern trends are flair bartending and the vintage style. The rise of craft cocktails has brought back vintage barware styles, such as copper mugs for Moscow Mules, which serve both a functional purpose and the overall aesthetic and experience.

When it comes to flair bartending, barware has become part of the performance. Specialised tools such as the Gorky strainer or the Grail Jigger are like wands for pure mixology magic, also providing aesthetics which add more than a dash of flair.

Grail Jigger

Gorky Strainer

These small details really matter, and Beaumont’s collection provides the versatility and quality you need for whatever style you’re going for.

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