I’m here for a good time, not a long time – discover our 2 week discount deals

As the title suggests we have some limited time offers we will be bringing you, one at a time – every two weeks! Between Monday 5th of February and 27th of April we will make 6 different deals available. Each deal will last for two weeks, after which it will melt away like an ice cube in cold drink on a hot summers day. When one deal ends, another begins and so on… You get the picture.

As you can imagine you don’t want to miss out on these limited time offers so we shall be including them in our fortnightly email, if you aren’t on that list and would like to be please just drop us an email to info@beaumonttm.co.uk.

Now the moment you have all been waiting for, the first two week deal (starting on Monday 5th of February) – we’ll start by saying it is far from rubbish…

Almost as important as the bar and the drinks served from it are the bins. Certainly not occupying the most glamorous of roles a decent bin rarely gets the attention it deserves but that is all about to change…

Imagine, with a lack of bins behind your bar, service can grind to a halt – especially if you are serving a variety of bottle drinks, be they bottles of wine, soft drinks or beer & cider. If there is no where to deposit of the empty bottles then the front bar soon starts filling up with the revellers empties. With too little bins behind the bar, you will find your bar staff having to leave their station more regularly as they rush out the back to empty the bottle bin with an almighty crash! And less time serving means less sales…

With a wide to slim design, from the top to the bottom, the slim recycling bins will stack quite nicely allowing the space for the all important end of the shift clean down. Only until the 16th of February both the grey slim recycling bin and the swing lid will be available at the discounted price of £23.90 (down from £39.90) and £12.00 (down from £18.00).

Try not to bin-ge too much on this great deal! And remember a totally new, discounted item will follow on the 19th of February – who knew the world of catering and bar equipment could be so exciting!?

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