The holy grail of jiggers?

An elegant and meticulously designed spirit measure, the grail is the ultimate statement of decadence and difference. In what is becoming a more and more saturated marketplace, finding unique pieces of barware that are also built to last, is challenging. The Grail jigger is the answer.

Although the grail can be used by any bartender, it would be suited best to a cocktail bartender. The unique shape and beauty of the grail makes it the perfect toy for bartenders who like to demonstrate a little flamboyance and character behind the bar.

As with all Beaumont TM manufactured products, the grail has been designed working with professional bartenders, Tom Dyer’s signature is a bit of a giveaway! This has allowed us to pay special attention to the way the grail sits in your hand, this is partly also why we opted for a single-sided jigger with the design. Not only does it have a more classic appeal but it is easier to use and flair with. The use of jiggers, particularly in Craft Flair, is becoming more pronounced. We have already seen some cool moves with the Grail, but there is always something more to come…

Utility, as well as quality, were two key objectives for us in designing the grail. That is why we have opted for 5ml increment measures just inside the measure, starting at 10ml. This of course allows the bartender more freedom and precision when using the grail.

The physical quality of the product is also just as important and that is why we opt for nickel plating to ensure the product still looks great but also is far less susceptible to corrosion and general wear and tear. If you are a bartender that likes to dabble in a little craft flair and is looking for new bar tools to get creative with – then the grail is the jigger for you.

Her is what world renowned professional bartender, Tom Dyer had to say:


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