How to get the best ice…

Ice can come in all different shapes and sizes, there are the more traditional ice cubes, dry ice, and even crystal clear ice – but when it comes to the best ice, which takes the crown and why? This is where the Beaumont ice ball mould steps up…

Using the ice ball mould up to 6 ice balls can be set at one time, this is great for larger events and occasions where multiple ice balls would be needed. Typically most ice ball moulds or ice ball makers will only make one ice ball at a time, and considering how long ice balls take to set – this isn’t a terribly efficient process (unless you have a great number of ice ball makers to work with).
ice ball mould

The biggest attraction to the ice ball, as you can see above, is its aesthetic attributes – it looks great, and quite luxurious! This is certainly part of what makes the ice ball the best type of ice, however, looks are not the be all and end all of the ice ball mould. The ice ball also has a grand advantage over nearly all other forms of ice, due to its size and shape. The sheer mass of the ice ball coupled with the size mean that the ice ball is very strong and melts very, very slowly – taking much more time to fully melt than it would typically take to finish the drink. As a result, the ice ball will keep your cocktail, or straight whisky, or whatever it is you are drinking, a nice, cool temperature, yet without diluting the drink.

No dilution whatsoever! This is what really makes it the best and good enough reason for all ice to be made in this way from now on, if you ask us!

As previously stated, what is really cool (excuse our pun) about the ice ball is the way it looks, its aesthetic appeal. This makes the ice ball mould perfect for cocktail bartenders, craft bartenders, and drinks enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. As is clearly obvious from the fantastic way in which the ice ball has been used in the Wimbledon cocktail above, the ice ball adds an extra layer of design to drinks; usually there is a very limited amount that can be done with the ice in a cocktail to add to the overall presentation of the drink, this is not the case with the Beaumont ice ball mould. This make’s it great for cocktail competitions where it could really help your drink stand out from the crowd.


How do I make it coloured or crystal clear?

As you can see, the ice ball in the Wimbledon advertisement is smartly made to look like a tennis ball. This can be easily achieved by adding food colouring to the mixture before you freeze it in the mould. If alternatively, you want to achieve crystal clear ice (like the ice ball in the glass of whisky below) then the water that the ice is made from, first needs to be boiled.

Ice is usually made from normal tap water, which is typically full of minerals, dust, etc which leaves the make up of the ice, when it is formed, cloudy and opaque. Boiling the water eliminates all these impurities leaving you with a mesmerisingly beautiful ice ball at the end of the process.

 ice ball mould
The ice ball mould is available to be purchased in carton’s of 48. For more information on the ice ball mould please visit the product page, here:

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