Ice and a slice? Get equipped for the G&T season…

Cocktails continue to grow in popularity, but when it comes to summer favourites – no matter what kind of establishment you find yourself in – the G&T is the undisputed king. From upmarket London bars to local village pubs, when June rolls around the Gin and Tonics are flowing, and you can bet they’re not slowing down at least until September arrives…

Everyone loves a beautifully served, perfectly crafted G&T in a voluptuous bowl glass with a beautiful garnish, but with the high volume you can expect to be serving over the summer months, it’s not always easy to replicate perfection time and time again from the beginning of service, right up until that final serve at the end of the night. In order to keep standards high and customers happy, you have to be equipped to serve lots of drinks, quickly and beautifully. Home barware is unlikely to cut the mustard – you need high-quality dependable equipment, designed for hygiene, ease of cleaning, and for the busiest of bar staff….

That’s where the Beaumont range comes in…

Lemon & Lime Wedger


Set one member of your team going on wedging ahead of the night, and they’ll quickly provide enough wedges to take you through till closing time. A must-have for any bar or pub expecting to serve in volume, our wedger cuts quickly and perfectly – allowing you to cut 8 wedges at once. It’s also easy to clean and very robust.

Plastic Condiment Holders

Once you’ve prepped all your garnishes, you can conveniently store countless options in one of our condiment holders and slip them in the fridge until service. When the evening comes, you can either keep them in the fridge or put the holder neatly on the back bar. Now that craft gins are so popular, and customers know their stuff when it comes to what garnishes should be being served, the capacity to have so many different ones prepared and accessible is brilliant.

Garnish Tweezers

When it comes time to garnish, it’s never a good look to be fumbling around with your fingers. Apart from being unhygienic, it’s better to preserve that sense of artistry when you’re crafting the customer’s drink before their eyes – and the exactitude and finesse of a pair of tweezers does that brilliantly.

Zester and Canale Cutter


If you’re serving a Gin and Tonic that calls for a little more finesse than ice and a slice, this is a brilliant and versatile tool for crafting sophisticated citrus peel twists that will wow your customers every time.

Ice Cube Trays

If you don’t have an ice machine on the premises, or if yours can be unreliable, you’re going to want to make sure you never run out of ice cubes. There’s nothing worse than disappointing customers by running out of ice on a hot day. The Beaumont range also includes ball moulds for delicate spheres of ice which are a lovely touch.

Ice Scoops & Tongs

If you’re scooping straight out of the ice machine, or decanting from a smaller ice bucket, hygiene and convenience are absolutely vital. With scoops and tongs, you can serve every G&T quickly and accurately.

The New Polished Tray from Beaumont

Not an absolute essential, but if you’re looking for something to make your drinks stand out and make your customers feel extra-special, the new polished tray from Beaumont provides an extra dose of luxury.

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