Have you discovered Provargo?

Have you discovered Provargo? We couldn’t believe it when we came across it, it really is something quite incredible. Essentially it is a fully integrated stock tracking and dispensing system that has come out of Denmark. We were drawn to Provargo through their use of the Metrix SL spirit measure in the build of their Provargo system.


Provargo have been in the business for many years, with their first stock taking and dispensing system coming about in 1998. Today, the 4th version of the system is particularly advanced. With cloud support Provargo allows you to access your bar’s data anywhere in the world you have an internet connection, in real time. The user of the system can check everything from how much stock they have left (right down to how much is left in the bottle), to what was the best seller last night and more.

Using the App or a laptop you can access your bar’s data and even receive notifications when something is about to run out of stock. Provargo ensures the highest quality efficiency in the management of your bar. We were very proud to have them choose to use our best selling Metrix SL spirit measure at the heart of the design.


The LED back lit, wall mounted system not only looks great and works perfectly as described but also acts as a real attention grabber for the customer. The aesthetics of the system were designed by Danish designers who also design for well known electronics brand Bang & Olufsen.

It is fair to say Provargo takes the management of your bar and stock to entirely new levels. Wastage will be a thing of the past! The Beaumont TM spirit measure’s still work in the same way, dispensed via a finger or a glass pushing up on the mechanism. Every time a pour is made it is recorded, so not only will it track wastage but also it saves alot of time on counting up how much stock you have left at the close of play.


The data Provargo records can be analysed in a number of ways, converted into graphs and real time reports that are easy to decipher. It really boils down to your imagination what you can do with the data. Provargo can be connected to a POS system if you already have one in play, ensuring everything works together. Provargo goes beyond spirit dispensing however and can also recognise piece sales from the bar such as bottled beers and sundries.

Some bars in Denmark have reported a return on investment on the Provargo system within 3 months, appearing at the Bar & Pub Show on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of October at Olympia, London – come and check out the Provargo system and see if it is suitable for your establishment!



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