Cocktails & Tools: Happy National Rum Day!

It’s National Rum Day on Monday (16th), which means a great opportunity to share one of our favourite cocktails, all the tools you’ll need to make it, and our Tiki Mugs for an unforgettable serve! There are not many things that go better with rum than the sun, but the summer this year in the UK could certainly use a little more of that! Whatever you decide to do for national rum day we have put together all the details you need to enjoy one of the best rum cocktails of all time, the Mai Tai.

One of the most iconic rum drinks to come out the tiki cocktail scene, the Mai Tai has a great history that can be traced right back to 1944 at Trade Vic’s original location in Oakland, California. Victor Bergeron was one of the founders of the tiki culture and was very well known for his amazing rum cocktails. One day he made a new drink for a friend visiting from Tahiti. The friend loved it so much that he used the Tahitian phrase ‘Mai Tai – Roa Ae!’ (which translates as Out of this world – the best). Naturally, Victor now had a name for his new drink.

Although over the years the original Mai Tai recipe has changed greatly to garner for different tastes but do not worry. The recipe and method we have prepared for you below are as close as we could get to the original:


Cocktail Tools

1 cocktail shaker and Boston glass or tin

1 crushed ice maker

1 jigger/spirit measure

1 eco-friendly straw (optional)


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25 ml of light rum (we recommend Rhum Clément VSOP Martinique Rum)

25 ml of dark rum (we recommend Appleton Estate Extra Dark Jamaican Rum)

25 ml of fresh lime juice

12.5 ml orange curacao

12.5 ml ODK orgeat syrup

6 ml ODK white sugar syrup


Garnish: A lime shell and a mint sprig.


Pour the ingredients one by one into the cocktail shaker and fill it with about 2 scoops of crushed ice.

Shake vigorously.

Pour everything, without a strainer, into an old-fashioned glass/rocks glass or Tiki Mug.

Garnish with a lime shell sunk into the ice and a fresh sprig of mint.

Sit back and enjoy the perfect, original Mai Tai.

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