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One thing is for certain if you run any establishment that serves drinks or beverages of any kind, you are also going to have a lot of glasses. The same would go for those who provide catering equipment for hire, for events and parties – and opticians – actually no, that would be a different type of glasses.

You may be asking yourself, why on earth are they going on about glasses? And what have opticians got to do with anything – well nothing actually, but we do have a good reason for going on about glasses, so we can tell you about our fantastic glass storage boxes! Hold on to your hats, this could be a wild one…

Available in 4 different sizes our glass storage boxes are actually really useful and because they are a Beaumont manufactured product, are also really good quality too. All of our glass storage boxes are available with detachable lids, which we sell separately if need be – one lid fits all. These are universal and will fit all 4 different sizes of glass storage box.

glass storage box lid

Although there are 4 different sizes of our best selling glass storage box, they are all the same length and width – it is only the height that changes. So if you happen to own a few of one size and a few of another, not a problem! All of the boxes will stack on top of each other providing a sturdy tower of glasses encased in plastic.

Available to order in packs of 5, the 3900 is perfect for 10oz high ball glasses holding 24 of those beauties, whereas the 3901 is the pint glasses best friend and will hold 15 of those. We take a step up to the 3902 that will hold 24 slim jim or wine glasses and finish off with the posh stuff, the 3903 that will hold 35 of your finest champagne flutes.

glass storage box

The 3903

Why would you invest in glass storage boxes however, when cardboard boxes do the job and cost you nothing? Well mainly that is because cardboard boxes don’t do the job. We all know bars and drinking establishments involve liquid and if it involves cellar storage then we need to think about damp too. Liquid is like kryptonite to a cardboard box, causing it to sag and wilt. Before you know it, you will send in the bar back to fetch a box of glasses and the next thing you will hear will be a crash of breaking glass, followed by some very naughty words.

With our sturdy, plastic glass storage boxes you can store your glasses inside or outside, in the hot or the cold – your glasses will be protected and your storage boxes will hold up.

glass storage boxes

The 3901 with lid

Fantastic for hotels who may need to store and move a large amount of glassware around from ‘conference room A’ to the main restaurant, to the bar and then on to ‘conference room B’. Great for pubs and bars that need somewhere that is easy to clean and sterilise, to store the clean glasses when you undertake the Sunday afternoon deep clean – our glass storage boxes really do excel in a lot of situations.

Discover the exact dimensions of each box and more information on each here:

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