Getting Gorky With It! The Gorky Strainer from Beaumont

At Beaumont, all of our barware is designed with bartenders in mind, but certain pieces have been designed in collaboration with the world’s greatest bartenders, who have taken a hands-on approach to ensure they have the best tools they can possibly have, exactly as they’d like them.

Gorkem Harp is one such collaborator. With huge credentials, Gorkem is a three-time German Flair Champion, a four-time Turkish Champion, a former Scandinavian Champion, and Masters of Flair winner.

Some famous bar tenders have let their imaginations run wild when designing with us, and it’s awesome when they do. But, it’s almost more impressive when they push efficiency and quality to the max, and that’s exactly what Gorkem has done with this remarkable little strainer.

The Gorky should be used in place of your normal fine mesh strainer – i.e. when you need something to filter out the smaller cubes of ice, chunks and pips that may be in your creation.

The obvious difference with the Gorky is its shape. With deeper sides and an accurate, round shape, it makes straining precisely much easier, especially when you’re working quickly – which Gorkem always is! While there is a deep straining area beneath, its high sides are made solid, so that a larger amount of liquid can be poured into the strainer and strain away effectively, without the risk of it building up and tipping over the sides. The Gorky allows you to pour a larger amount of liquid into the strainer, more quickly, so that you don’t have to slow down and exercise the more delicate hand needed for a regular fine mesh strainer.

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