Get winter ready with our new Moscow Mule Mug

Winter is coming. Ok I think people have had enough of that now. But seriously, winter is coming and with it the chill of a cold breeze, shorter days and maybe even some snow. Fear now, all of the characteristics of the winter months can be made up for and all you need is a bit of shelter and a warm winter cocktail served in our new Antique Brass Moscow Mule Mug. We introduced our new Antique Brass range almost a year ago and due to its popularity we thought it only right to give the range its very own Moscow Mule Mug.

It always good to be prepared, especially for the British winter as you never know when it is going to start. Before you know it the winter wind will be howling and revellers will be pouring in looking for nothing more than a bit of warmth and comfort. If your establishment isn’t blessed with open fire places and lavish furs, then serving a tasty range of winter warmers can be a great alternative.

A well conceived winter cocktail can be impossible to pass up on a chilly day, especially with a heady aroma of your winter warmer cocktail and sweet Christmas cake spices filling the air. You don’t need to be in a ski lodge or lounging in a Chesterfield propped by the fire at a local pub to enjoy a fortifying winter potion, all you need is a few recipes, the correct cocktail tools, and a bit of a know how…

We are particularly proud of our Antique Brass range all of which features an artisan aged brass finish. The Antique Brass Moscow Mule Mug in particular, will hold 500ml of winter warmness and due to our high standards of quality control your mug/s will remain hardwearing and complete (no dodgy welding here!). It is worth bearing in mind as well that if you are planning to serve hot drinks or warm cocktails then it is a good idea to have specific vessels, just for this eventuality.

As many bartenders and restaurateurs would be able to tell you, repurposing your glassware for hot toddies in the winter can lead to some unfortunate breakages – particularly if that glass is already cold, or has just been used to serve a cold drink. This of course can be avoided by investing in some specific Winter cocktail glassware, or metalware in this case. We have three different forms of the Moscow Mule mug, copper plated as well as brushed brass, so whatever your establishment’s style or taste – hopefully, we have the Moscow Mule Mug for you.


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