Get Shot Of Free Pouring and Say Hello To Precision Measured Pourers

The humble shot is the building block of every cocktail and mixed drink. But for something so engrained in our drinking culture, there is a surprising mystery behind the origin of ‘shot’ as a term. One theory is that the name comes from the shot-like sound produced by slamming a whiskey glass on a table. Another is that when people used to hunt for their food, bullets would get lodged in the meat and the shell would be put in a glass (hence a shot glass) when they found it during their meal. Our favourite is that in the days of the wild west, miners would trade bullets for a small serving (a shot) of alcohol when they didn’t have enough money.

But shot glasses are (of course) not the best thing to use when making a drink. Shots are an essential part of cocktail making and at Beaumont, we take this simple act very seriously. You see, pouring a shot isn’t just about filling up a shot glass. As an integral part of the art of cocktail making, shot pouring involves precision, style, and efficiency. So, we aim to equip you for all three with our impeccably designed Quick Shot Measured Pourers and Sure Shot Measured Pourers…

Quick Shot Measured Pourers

How do they work? Our measured pourers are designed to overcome the downsides of free pouring or using a thimble measure or jigger in tandem with a freeflow pourer. Like a jigger or thimble measure, shots are accurately measured, but as shots are quickly measured by the pourer itself, accuracy and speed can both be assured – without needing the sleight of hand of a flair bartending champion.

When using a Quick Shot or Sure Shot, prime the pourer by holding a finger over the spout and quickly turning the bottle over. Make sure you prime the pourer before the first use and after each cleaning. If the pourers are not primed, the shot may not be measured accurately. When pouring, turn the bottle in a natural, smooth motion to a 45-60 degree angle. This angle is critical – make sure you don’t whip the bottle into the pour or “baby” the pour by holding it flat. These motions affect the accuracy of the pour as the ingredients splutter or dribble out of the pourer.

These pourers aren’t there just to look good; they serve a real, functional purpose. Designed for fast-paced, demanding services, they enable you to speed up drink production. Instead of slowing right down to fill up a thimble measure free-hand, or measuring a shot with your eye from a free pour, these wonderful little innovations allow you to pour from two bottles at the same time – empowering you to serve fast and serve efficiently!


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