Garnish station, condiment holder, pizza topping organiser. You decide!

The great thing about our garnish station is that it can actually be whatever you want it to be. Build it and they will come, or in our case, build it and they will use it for things you didn’t even imagine. Designed as a garnish station, an easy to clean, simple, and covered organiser for various sliced fruits and vegetables – the Beaumont TM condiment holder has been spotted on front bars, back bars, pizza restaurants, sweet shops, and kitchens. Wherever there are condiments to be stored for quick and easy access, the condiment station will do the job.

Condiment holders are a particularly key ingredient for any cocktail serving bar. As we are sure you will have guessed, condiment holders are great for keeping your bar and service area efficient, clean and organised. Naturally, each section can be used to store a different garnish or cocktail ingredient.

We have a number of different condiment holders in the range depending on your requirements. In terms of size, our largest condiment houses 6 different sections for storing various produce. All versions of the condiment holders come with lids, which in our experience is very important to keep those pesky barflies out of your fresh ingredients – and therefore maintain sanitary standards expected of any bar – and with the coronavirus pandemic, more important now than ever. For ultimate hygiene, we recommended combining the condiment holder with a pair of garnish tweezers.

Each section within the condiment holder has its own stand-alone plastic compartment, which some of you will be happy to hear you can purchase separately if need be!

All of the condiment holders also come with an area just beneath where each of the compartments sit, which can be filled with ice. This of course is very important for keeping your garnish fresh and appetising throughout the shift – especially on a hot summer’s day!

The plastic condiment holders are a little lighter than their stainless steel counterparts and come in 4 and 6 compartment sizes. The stainless steel is available in 4, 5 or 6 sections. We also do a plastic version of the 4 compartment condiment holder that has been merged with a bar caddy, creating a napkin holder on one end and an area for storing stirrers, cocktail sticks and more, on the other end. This is perfect for the smaller and more intimate bars that need to maximise the use of the front bar.

Both the plastic and stainless steel versions of the Beaumont condiment holders are long-lasting and very easy to clean down at the end of the night. Both will go into your typical glass wash, although sometimes we find it is easier to glass wash the plastic compartments that have been holding fresh produce and wipe down the rest of the condiment holder with anti bacterial spray.

Due to the shape and style of each of the condiment holders, they can also all be easily stored alongside each other at the end of the night. Effortlessly stacking or sliding into a small space, these condiment holders are designed to be both easy to clean and store.


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