The final 2 week deal is here…

The time has come, our sixth and final 2 week deal is here. All good things have to come to an end sometime so lets at least try to go out on a high and you can’t get much higher than discounted table talkers! Unless they were free table talkers… Anyway we are getting away from the point, the point being limited time, discounted table talkers! Did we mention that already?

Have you ever been in, what could only be described as a rather awkward situation, when you sit down at a restaurant or a pub to eat – but out of sight of the specials board. You ask to see the specials and the waiter or waitress hurries off around the corner to have a look at the board and returns to report the specials having clumsily tried to remember each dish from memory, or having taken the time to write them down on their pad. Either way it takes time or can come across unprofessional and clumsy. This sort of situation is where we believe table talkers really come into their own.

Scattered around the restaurant or bar area, these hand held table talkers can be great for restaurants and pubs as a portable specials board. Keeping a couple of the table talkers – already made up with the days specials on – in the areas where the main special board isn’t visible can save a lot of time and hassle for your front of house staff and certainly help to make your establishment appear more efficient and professional (two attributes both customers and managers alike can’t get enough of!).

In the words of the great man Henry Ford, you can have any colour so long as it is black. The table talkers are not only great for selling the day’s food specials but also selling all manner of products such as cheese boards, cocktails, and limited edition ales! A great addition at the point of sale – near a till or checkout – the table talkers will do the talking, prompting the odd impulse purchase.

This can be a winning strategy. A whole host of bars, clubs, and hotels already use Beaumont’s table talkers for just this reason, promoting 2 for 1 cocktail offers or details about an upcoming event or competition. Sometimes they would even opt for a comical message in order to provoke an emotive response, hopefully a positive one – but that would depend on the message of course or the quality of the joke! We have seen some great examples over the years such as ‘Don’t look back in hunger’, prompting people to order that extra snack or side.

Beaumont’s table talkers are made with high quality slate and a natural wooden base. Our focus on using high quality materials ensures that each table talker should last for a long period of time and provide good value for money. Measured at 320mm high x 210mm wide the table talkers are small enough to sit nicely on a restaurant table or front bar – yet large enough to fit a substantial written message or offer. The table talkers come in a variety of sizes ranging from A5 to A3 secured in a beautiful mahogany base. Don’t miss out on our final limited time offer, available for  the next two weeks.

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