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2018 was another great year for Beaumont TM and we hope for all of our customers too. We are wishing you all a Happy New Year and an equally, if not more, successful 2019! In true end of year style, we have a quick look back on all the new barware and catering items we brought to the market in 2018 – with so much more to come in 2019 it is always nice to have a quick look back before pushing forward – so here is everything that was new in 2018:

Paper Straws

We are happy to report that our new range of paper straws are entirely bio-degradable, which is not only important for the environment but also the food, drink and hospitality market as a whole. Shift in business practice is nearly always driven by shift in public opinion, after all the two are intrinsically linked with the public being the people who run and work for these businesses. As many of you will know, here at Beaumont TM we pride ourselves on being able to supply businesses with products that are not only popular but also high quality and good value for money.

8 inches long with a 6 mm bore and made from wood pulp, our paper straws are alike to the plastic straws in almost every way – aside from the fact they are now 100% bio degradable and therefore environmentally friendly; and because the type of straw you have on offer can say a lot about your business we come bearing variety – 7 different kinds of paper straw in fact.

paper straws

You can choose from you typical all black straws or all white straws as well as green and white striped, blue and white striped and red and white striped (perfect for Christmas!) – as well as others. Although the colour and style of your straw will say something about your business to the customer, the one thing that will speak the loudest is the fact that it is a paper straw and that is worth every penny.


Stainless Steel Straws

A classy offering, these stainless steel straws will surely help your establishment stand out from the crowd. These eco-friendly straws are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and are suitable for use with hot and cold beverages. Although, as we are sure you know – metal is a great conductor of heat! So watch your straws getting too hot if you serve them in hot drinks.

Manufactured from high quality 304 grade stainless steel these straws are also BPA and chemical free. As they are made of stainless steel they are also very hygienic, as well as being very easy to clean. -they are also dishwasher and glasswasher safe. If you have a few flair bartenders on the team we are sure they will be able to find some cool new ways to use the straws and engage the customer.

Another fun way to use the straws is to chill them beforehand, adding a chilled touch to the drinkers lips – a great added touch in the hot weather we have been having. They look great in cocktails, particularly those served in martini glasses and just to make sure there is no risk of cutting yourself on them – all the edges are smoothed and rounded off.


The Ice Crusher

Unlike the large and cumbersome ice cube making machines, the heavy duty ice crusher perches eagerly on your back bar, blending in with style and elegance thanks to its chrome plating and cool shape. There are no wires involved with this ice crusher, so no worries about health and safety and certainly no worries about portability. Simply pick it up and move it to whichever area of the front or back bar you desire. Perhaps you need it on hand for a cocktail making masterclass as you demonstrate the classic Mojito, or perhaps it just needs to be passed vigorously from bar back to bar back to ensure it ends up with the bartender who needs it during a busy nights service.

Featuring of three parts, the chrome plated heavy duty ice crusher is just as easy to clean and maintain as it is to use. The plastic ice catcher will ensure all your crushed ice ends up in the right place and remains cool, whilst the small plastic scoop is the perfect size for digging into your pile of crushed ice and heaping it into your drink. It is even more simple to use, simply pile in the ice cubes in the top section and turn the handle on the back. Sometimes simple mechanisms are the best and in this case we believe over complicating things is just asking for trouble with a machine as integral to the bar as the ice crusher.

Designed to be strong as well as beautiful, the heavy duty ice crusher is named as such for a reason. It will handle as much ice as you can fit in the top at any one time, and the handle feels strong and fully integrated into the rest of the machine. The only thing left to do is to give the new ice crusher a go…


Bitters Bottle

As bitters have become more and more established in the world of drinks, so too have bitters bottles. Many establishments don’t like to necessarily show the brand where it is not a unique selling point – with a bottle of liquor showing the bottle is imperative – with support products such as bitters and purees, etc, it is not as important to the customer. As a result, many opt for something that sits on the back bar and adds a bit of style and character to their establishment.

Available in three varying shapes and sizes, the Beaumont bitters bottle, not only look great but just as importantly, work great too. Made from glass, with elegant plated nicked pour spouts with cork – these bottles only look better when filled with your different flavoured bitters. If you are a specialist cocktail bar and stock more than one kind of bitters, having different size bottles with different bitters in it arranged on the back bar can look really appealing and certainly supports bars in getting back to that more classical, apothecary style feel that seems to be in fashion at the moment.

Spare corks with chrome pour spouts are available for sale too, although these bitters bottles will stand the test of time and the test of your glass wash. Although they wont cure malaria, these bitters bottles will ensure your bar remains fashionable and stylish.


Tulip & Stemmed Mixing Glasses

The new 650ml stemmed mixing glass has a short stem and base at the bottom of the mixing glass allowing you to secure the mixing glass with one hand and stir with the other, whilst not actually having to wrap your hand around the glass. For those that are worried about the transfer of heat from your hands to the mixing glass, this one is for you.

Our other new mixing glass is built to traditional specifications, with no stem and an aesthetically pleasing hexagonal glass pattern on the side. The 700ml tulip mixing glass wont look out of place in the best hotels in Mayfair, yet doesn’t stand out a traditional bar.

As you can see, the glass at the bottom of the Tulip mixing glass flares out slightly allowing the liquid to aerate in a similar fashion to a specific gin or wine glass and providing a natural channel for circular stirring. Both the Stemmed mixing glass and the Tulip mixing glass are designed to work in conjunction with all of our strainers, be it the professional strainer, ninja strainer or the classic tulip strainer. Albeit the tulip strainer is the most perfect fit.


Home Cocktail Kit

Now where as you may find the most extravagant and interesting cocktails out on the town, this still involves going out of your house. Why would you want do a social thing like meeting friends for drinks when you can holed up in your living room with Netflix and a freshly made margarita? Besides being able to make a cocktail at home is a fine way to turn your favourite pastime into a good old fashioned hobby.

The Beaumont TM home cocktail kit has you covered on this front, with a plastic muddler, 2 stainless steel freeflow pourers, a 25/50ml jigger, a Hawthorne strainer, a stainless steel Boston can, Boston glass, and a cocktail spoon you literally have the entry level bartender cocktail kit at your fingertips – all that is missing is the ingredients – and the ice, don’t forget the ice!

home cocktail kit


The G&T Spoon

Gin, like vodka, can leave a very strong taste in your mouth to the point of being overpowering if it is not well mixed when poured. Quite often a squeeze of lemon, lime or sometimes both; in conjunction with a good stir will do the trick to create your perfect gin and tonic. Copa and balloon glasses are racing back into fashion alongside the gin in which they are served.

The G&T spoon is the perfect size and match for the bartender to give a gin and tonic a quick stir. Only 15 cm long, with a 5ml spoon perfect for adding a touch of flavoured liquor to your G&T, a fine twist shaft and a 25mm disc – the G&T spoon fulfils everything the typical bar spoon does, in a handy pocket size.


The Ninja Strainer

We think the Ninja Strainer could possibly be the coolest strainer we have ever seen but this isn’t the only reason we have created it! We spend a lot of time talking to bartenders, not just in the UK but all over the world. We were often hearing that bartenders were looking for a new style of strainer, something radically different in shape and design. This is a hard ask, after all the strainer is circular for a reason – to match the glass or cocktail tin in which it is being used to strain the contents.

Our answer was the ninja strainer, aptly named due to its likeness in shape to the throwing star of the legendary ninjas of Japan. With a fine spring and an easy to handle design, the ninja strainer allows for quick and effortless straining, albeit it is a lot safer than a typical throwing star as we have rounded off the corners! The spring detaches as with all of our other strainers, allowing for a quick and efficient dry shake or easy cleaning.


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