From the Archive: Meet the new Euro Strainer…

Cocktail strainers come in all shapes and sizes, with the Hawthorne style seen as the classic choice for single straining. From the ninja strainer to the julep strainer, depending on your requirements and style you will probably already know which one is your favourite during service. Now, the new Euro Strainer is jostling for a little attention, could this modern design work its way into your list of favourite strainers?

We know that when it comes to cocktail strainers it is about more than simply the shape. The aesthetics, utility, weight, and choice of materials are all just as important. After all, nobody wants a beautifully designed cocktail strainer made from cheap materials that will rust and tarnish within a year. At Beaumont, the finished quality of our products is what sets us apart and the Euro Strainer is no different. The body is made from one piece of metal, which means you don’t have to worry about your barware falling apart in your hands at the poorly welded seams.

Aesthetically designed to evoke a vintage style, the Euro Strainer is made from high-grade stainless steel. This means you can toss it in the glasswasher, or toss it almost anywhere in fact, over and over again and it will keep its shape and shine. As with all stainless steel, it is susceptible to the odd scratch, however, so maybe don’t chuck it around too much!

Talking of throwing things around, the Euro Strainer is also weighted at 124 grams, which makes it very useful for flair bartenders. There is nothing worse than light and flimsy barware when it comes to flair bartending. The spring is also wound tight and is heavy at 30 grams, it detaches as well making it great for all those dry shake cocktails. Will you love the new Euro Strainer? There is only one way to find out…


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