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Owning and managing a hotel can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Offering your guests a unique and luxurious stay is of always of utmost importance in the hotel industry. The right hotel barware and décor can go a long way in making a lasting impression in the minds of your guests. It might not seem like your top priority, but it is, after all, the finer details that transform a guest’s experience from a good one into an excellent one. We’re here to help you to pick out the best barware and décor to revamp your hotel.

Our Signature range is made up of truly unsurpassable barware. This range is custom-made with a focus on champagne buckets and wine coolers – although we quite often see the bowls and buckets being used for various applications. Each individual item is made with design and functionality in mind. This means that although the products are made with superior functionality as their focal point, they are also beautifully designed to ensure that they give your guests or customers the opportunity to appreciate their beauty. The Signature range only makes use of high grade stainless steel, and the coolers are therefore sophisticated, yet highly affordable.

Obella Wine/Champagne Cooler

Perhaps the most unique and sleek Wine/Champagne cooler that we have to offer is the Obella Wine/Champagne Cooler. Its smooth, stainless-steel finish is pleasing on the eye, and its elegant, streamlined shape offers something of a futuristic, minimalistic touch. Its distinctive form makes this wine cooler an eye-catching item to have in your guests’ hotel rooms, or in your hotel’s restaurant or bar. The Obella cooler is extraordinary as it is one of the Signature range’s coolers that is double-walled. This ensures that bottles of wine or champagne are given superior insulation and will be kept cold for up to seven hours.

Voltre Wine/Champagne Bucket & Stand

If you’re after a Wine/Champagne Bucket and Stand, the obvious choice is the Voltre Wine/Champagne Bucket & Stand. It is 103 centimetres tall which means that it is at the perfect height for guests to reach over easily to grip their wine/champagne bottle with minimal effort. The stand and bucket is the ideal accessory for a cosy table for two. And, who could ever resist its gorgeous, dimpled finish?

The Bellagio Wine/Champagne Cooler and the Bollate Wine/Champagne Cooler

The bowl-shape of these wine/champagne coolers makes these coolers remarkable. For a more solid finish, the Bellagio Wine/Champagne cooler is your best bet. It has a dimpled exterior and a smooth, sleek interior. If you’re crazy about the dimpled effect, the Bollate Wine/Champagne cooler is the ideal cooler for your hotel. It has a quirky character which makes this cooler the perfect choice as a centrepiece for dinner tables. The bowl-shape of both of these coolers means that they can also double-up as novel fruit bowls.

champagne cooler

Ghiaccio Wine/Champagne Cooler

If your hotel/restaurant is going to be catering for a large crowd, the Ghiaccio Wine/Champagne cooler will be the perfect cooler for all those bottles of wine and champagne. Its refined finish makes it appropriate for formal events, although there is nothing stopping one from using it at informal events as well—there are no rules! The cooler is large enough to keep at least three or four bottles of wine or champagne cold.


We also have loads more on offer, and if you are looking for the ultimate barware and décor for your hotel or bar we recommend you explore our Signature range in full.

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