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What is better than a bar? Your very own home bar, of course! There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to going out for a few or staying in, but if you are choosing to stay in – (as many of you will know) preparing drinks at your very own home bar is very satisfying. Whether it’s a purpose-built bar in an outbuilding in the garden, a corner-bar in the living room, or an adapted section of the kitchen worktop, so long as you have a few bottles, glasses, and your essential barware – it well and truly counts as a home bar.

Getting your friends round to enjoy a bit of quality time over a few drinks can not be underestimated and one thing is for sure it is definitely cheaper than paying for your drinks at the local pub or bar. You could be a secret bartender, a keen host, or just an admirer of a fine bar setup, either way this is the kit you need to make sure you can prepare everything at your bar, from mocktails to cocktails, and everything in between:

Spirit measures (optics)

There is something really nice about having all your favourite bottles attached to the wall, hanging upside down and ready to be enjoyed. Optics have become synonymous with bars and pubs around the world as a cool and easy way to make drinks and with a little know-how, you can have your own set at home.We are proud to be the oldest and largest manufacturer of spirit measures in the world so if optics are what you want behind your bar, look no further.

Cocktail tin

How else are you going to make a wide range of cocktails and mocktails without a cocktail tin? As you may know, there are a few cocktails that require you to stir instead of shaking your cocktail, but if that’s the case, then make sure you get a mixing glass too and don’t forget your bar spoon! From copper cocktail tins to antique brass, classic stainless steel or an art deco style, we have cocktail shakers in abundance – so whatever the style of your home bar, we have you covered.

Glass hangers

In the same league as the optics, you also have the glass hangers. The visual effect of seeing some of your best glassware hanging from the ceiling above your bar is amazing and really adds to the look and feel of a bar. Available in brass, chrome, or rustic-feel, if glass hangers are your style then one of these three should match up to your decor. They range in size from 10 inches to 16 inches and 24 inches.



If optics or spirit measures aren’t your style then a jigger is probably for you. Best combined with a few pour spouts for your bottles, something that will really reinforce your status as the coolest home bar around will be a cheeky little professional pour, using a pour spout and a sexy jigger. Like our cocktail tins, we have many different jigger styles to choose from – so all that is left to do is to decide which one would look best sitting on top of your bar.


Home cocktail kit

Now, if you are looking for something that combines all of those handy cocktail products into one and you want the classic stainless steel style, then the home cocktail kit is perfect. The Beaumont TM home cocktail kit has everything you need to start making those tasty home cocktails, with a plastic muddler, 2 stainless steel freeflow pourers, a 25/50ml jigger, Hawthorne strainer, stainless steel Boston cocktail tin, Boston glass, and a cocktail spoon. This literally is the entry-level bartender cocktail kit at your fingertips – all that is missing is the ingredients – and the ice, don’t forget the ice!


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