The most efficient all in one bottle opener

Here at Beaumont TM we are all about creating and offering products that make the lives of ordinary, service industry professionals easier and better – therefore encouraging a quicker and more efficient service.

In the same way that the pourers you choose for your bar can say a lot about your bar, the atmosphere, and its style – so can the choice of bottle opener. From the more traditional twin lever corkscrew (often seen in wine bars) to the classic Waiter’s Friend, the Beaumont bar blade, and the under counter catcher there are many different ways to go about the same job.

Each different option fits a different style and a different need – those bars that expect to deal with a very high turnover of customers ordering bottled beers and ciders, for example, may opt for bar blades or the under counter catcher – rather than the Waiter’s Friend. After all every second counts on a busy night to ensure all customers are served in a timely manner.

efficient all in one bottle opener

Although there are various options for opening bottles, in this week’s blog we are going to focus on the under counter opener & catcher! Available from Beaumont in four forms: the horizontal under counter catcher, the stand up bottle opener and catcher, or the catcher or opener on their own.

efficient all in one bottle opener

One of the great advantages of the opener & catcher is the fact that it collects up all those bottle caps that can end up all over the place behind a busy bar – however we like to offer the opener as a separate item as well as the catcher, as we understand that every establishment’s needs are different.

The efficient all in one bottle opener & catcher attaches just where you would imagine, underneath the bar top and out of sight. As such it is the perfect accompaniment for a bartender in a pub, working on a busy summer’s day where bottles of beer, cider and fizzy drink are in high demand. The stand up bottle opener and catcher provides a different solution. This bottle opener will attach to almost any wall and is sometimes even attached to the front bar or on the wall outside in the beer garden – offering the customer the opportunity to open their own bottle if they so please.

efficient all in one bottle opener

We don’t actually know of a better and quicker solution than the under counter opener and catcher, even using a bar blade or a standard hand held bottle opener will involve more movement and take more time. As an all in one solution, you cannot go wrong with the under counter opener and catcher – and it comes in a beautiful burgundy, what more could you want!

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