Minimise your front bar mess…

There aren’t many things worse than a messy bar, not just as a customer but as an employee as well. No doubt it will have to be cleaned and mopped up regularly, pulling your staff away from the customers or more important activities. From a customers point of view, one thing is for a certain – no one likes to sit at a messy bar. The impression it will create is probably not one you would want associated with your business – and with such a great solution out there, there really is no excuse to have a dirty and chaotic bar.

The humble drip tray will ensure that when you serve hundreds of pints of beer on a hot summers day that you wont be riddled with a sticky front bar. Customers invariably have a little spillage when taking drinks from the bar or even drinking them at the bar – and as we all know, this will only get worse depending on how many alcoholic drinks they have already consumed. Over time will also affect the look and integrity of the bar surface, leading to a large unexpected cost further down the line.

As with all things Beaumont, we make sure first and foremost that the product does the job it is here to do and does it well. Following that we like to offer a few variations on design, depending on the style and decor of your bar, pub, cafe, coffee shop or wherever it is that a drip tray may be required. We have two high-quality, stainless steel drip trays for you to choose from—the standard rectangular drip tray and the round drip tray. Both of these trays are ideal for home and commercial use, and for keeping your bar safe from any liquids that drip or leak out of the taps. If you’re serious about your bar, we recommend investing in our good quality polished drip trays so that you can create a lasting impression on your customers. Sure, customers don’t generally take notice of drip trays, but they’ll definitely take notice if they’re missing. Remember, it’s all in the small details.

If perhaps the stainless steel drip tray isn’t your cup of tea then we do also have the classic brass effect drip tray and aluminium effect drip tray that will offer the same service, dressed up slightly differently. Aside from keeping your front bar clean, drip trays are great for organising the space on your front bar or drinks service area. Particularly if you are looking to create an air of high quality about your bar or pub, a host of our highly polished stainless steel drip trays will certainly catch the eye. Stainless steel can be a great accent for the design of your establishment, not only is it hard wearing but it also looks great when taken care of. Match up your stainless steel drip trays with some of these beautiful julep cups, or these stainless steel boston cans.


Take a look at all of our drip trays in more detail here:

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