Don’t Strain Yourself! Selecting the Right Strainer for You

Beaumont has an unrivalled selection of high-quality strainers. But with 17 variations, it can get a bit confusing! We can’t cover all of them at once, so this week we’ll walk you through some of the most common ones and help you understand which one to use and when!


The Hawthorne Strainer

The strainer of choice for many bartenders, the Hawthorne strainer contains a flat, perforated metal strainer and spring that runs around the edges. The spring catches the ice whilst the mixture pours through the gaps.

Our designs are equal parts form and functionality, so they’re not just pretty strainers! We’ve made sure they’re sturdy and less susceptible to damage. These strainers are adaptable, fit better into shakers, and allow for the quickest strain. (We also have 2 ear and 4 ear options!)


The Julep Strainer

This strainer was born in the mid-19th century and was designed to prevent falling ice from disturbing the experience of drinking a Mint Julep.

The Julep strainer has a perforated, bowl-like surface and is designed to be held over mixing glasses. There isn’t much to say about this strainer, it’s a very straightforward piece of equipment that’s long-lasting, easy to use, and easy to clean, but it’s certainly not for fine-straining.


The Fine Mesh Strainer

Mesh strainers are essential for removing small bits of ice or other solid parts of a mixture that you don’t want in the cocktail, providing a highly effective layer of filtration for a super smooth finished product.

A great variation of the mesh strainer is our Gorky Strainer. Designed in collaboration with world-famous flair bartending champion Gorkem Harp, this strainer has high sides and a deeper sieve, giving the bartender freedom to pour quickly and extra space for an uninterrupted pour. It adds a bit of room for flair and creativity!

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