Don’t Get Into a Muddle! The Art of Muddling

At Beaumont, we’re fascinated by the art of bartending. Even though we all use variations of the same tools, bartending techniques are subtle, and in the hands of different bartenders, the same technique can look very different. However, like any art, it needs to be built on solid foundations. So, let’s take a look at the art of muddling!


You could think of the muddler as a pestle’s sibling. It’s used to grind and combine fruits and herbs and extract all those delicious flavours.

Even though muddling is something we can do mindlessly, the result is always better when we pay close attention to it.  If you’re muddling straight into a glass make sure it isn’t too easy to break (and can handle some muddling action), alternatively you can use a mixing tin. Muddling is not mashing, and you shouldn’t be pushing down on the ingredients with a lot of force and for a prolonged time. Not only will this tire you out – you can actually over-muddle and cause the flavour to disappear or distort (as is the case with mint leaves).

The correct way to muddle is with a muddler that is longer than your glass, so that your fingers aren’t scraping on the rim. To make muddling easier, roll the fruit to loosen it up and begin to release some juices before cutting it. Wedges are the best shape for muddling. When the time comes to muddle, stabilise the glass with one hand, press down on the mixture with the muddler, and twist on contact. Repeat this until all the juice has been extracted from the fruit.

Copper Plated Muddler

Muddlers help to bring an irresistible fragrance to drinks and muddling fresh ingredients in front of your customers displays the work that goes into crafting great cocktails. Beaumont’s muddlers provide the style and efficiency you need to master the art of muddling.


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