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Following on from our recent blog on new post-Brexit compliance stamps on thimble measures, this week we double down on our regulation revision with a recap of the all-important Weights & Measures Act (1985) and what it means for bar owners and publicans. There’s never been a better time to brush up on your legislation so that you can relax knowing that you and your bar are in the clear…

Considering the fact that the Weights & Measures Act has been around for nearly four decades, you’d be surprised how many people aren’t fully aware of its implications. It’s probably breached quite regularly up and down the country, but recently we’ve heard a few industry stories of companies getting caught out by trading standards, specifically when it comes to using Jiggers and Thimble Measures incorrectly…

Spirits & Mixers

If you are making a drink with less than three liquids that contains a spirit i.e. a Rum and Coke for example, a Vodka and Lemonade, or a Gin and Tonic etc. you must do it in a CE (soon to be UKCA) stamped thimble measure or a government stamped spirit measure (optic).

* Only Whisky, Rum, Vodka and Gin are defined as spirits, so other ingredients e.g. Tequila, Brandy etc. are not constrained by the same terms.

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But what about Jiggers? Well, you can still use them to measure spirits as long as you are pouring a drink with three or more liquids – i.e. a cocktail. Or if the ingredients you’re combining don’t fall under the definition of “Spirits” mentioned above. If, like us, you love beautiful and unique barware you’re going to want to incorporate jiggers into your arsenal as they do add an extra wow factor when prepping cocktails, while thimble measures are all standardised and identical.

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Wine Measures

You may be wondering about pouring wine. The most precise way to do this is to use wine thimble measures, but you can also pour directly into wine glasses with measures marked on the side. Many bars also don’t like the aesthetic of lines on the sides of their glasses, so thimble measures are still widely favoured.

Don’t forget – you also have to have signage up to tell your customers that you are adhering to the weights and measures act!

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