Do you know Beaumont when you see it?

We don’t tend to go too over the top here with massive logos and labels on everything we produce. Instead we look to consolidate our position amongst bartenders and the food and drink industry by continuing to produce useful and attractive products; therefore allowing the products to do the talking. It’s amazing how many Beaumont TM products can be found around you in your local restaurant, pub, cafe or even cinema.

With this in mind we have put together a little challenge! See if you can spot all the different types of Beaumont TM products in the below images – underneath each we will tell you a little about all the products that were in each and you can see if you got it right…

The Owl, Lichfield

If you guessed three, then you were right! Front and centre we have two rows of our government stamped thimble measures, you can’t miss these! Constructed entirely from stainless steel and government stamped (ensuring you can legally pour a measure of 25ml or 50ml straight from the thimble to the glass), these thimble measures will stand the test of time. Not too fancy like our preciso measure, these thimble measures are meant for the getting the job done, again and again.

Number two and just as obvious as the thimble measures is the pourer caps of course! Without a pourer cap you leave the door to your bottle wide open, you wouldn’t leave the door to the bar wide open when you close up for the night – so why do it with your bottles? Most bars, hotels, clubs and restaurants will know that the fruit fly can be a consistent visitor and even lodger during the warmer months. Storing your bottles un-capped leaves your alcohols open to fruit flies. And just to top it off, it has now been proven by scientists that fruit flies will actually actively seek out alcohol when they have been unlucky in love! I think we can all relate to that one.

Finally, hiding up in the top of the image you may have spotted the glass racks!?? Our glass hangers are hugely popular, with many establishments opting to show off their glassware by hanging it above the bar. Glassware should be stored out of the way but you still need to have easy access to it. The glass hangers represent the perfect solution. Available in Brass and Chrome these glass hangers add a real sense of character to the bar, if you are lacking in headroom however they might not be for you!


The Gainsborough Hotel, Bath

We are going to go with five for this one, we could go for six – but picking out the copper plated cup on the left hand side of the image behind the mint, might be a bit harsh… So we have gone with five of the more obvious Beaumont products. Towards the front of the image on the left hand side you may have spotted one of our Mezclar cocktail mixing glasses? As you can see, the glass at the bottom of the Tulip mixing glass flares out slightly allowing the liquid to aerate in a similar fashion to a specific gin or wine glass and providing a natural channel for circular stirring. Both the Stemmed mixing glass and the Tulip mixing glass are designed to work in conjunction with all of our strainers, be it the professional strainer, ninja strainer or the classic tulip strainer. Albeit the julep strainer is the most perfect fit.

Speaking of julep strainer, that is indeed our next product to spot! Sitting just inside the mixing glass in fact. As covered in our ‘Behind the Julep Cup & Julep Strainer‘ blog, the Julep Strainer emerged in the mid-1800s to help cocktail enthusiasts avoid a face full of ice when enjoying their Mint Julep. Believe it or not, the Julep Strainer can be considered the precursor to today’s drink straw. Although it’s not seen as frequently as your professional (hawthorne style) strainer, the Julep Strainer is a good for most applications.

Another easy one to spot although hidden off to the side of the image is the cocktail tins. The full accompaniment to the cocktail mixing glass, the cocktail tin is for handling all the cocktails the mixing glass will not. A simple contraption, you will want to make sure your cocktail tin is made of stainless steel and is welded at multiple points at the bottom (where the round bottom of the tin meets the rest of the tin). If it passes these two tests it should prove good value for money.

Also at the front of the image are the bar mats! And yes they are our new shaped bar mat. Our minimal, all black bar mat, not only looks stylish but can also slot together nicely with other mini bar mats or normal bar mats to give you more shapes and styles to work with when designing your service mat area. You get everything from a Beaumont TM bar mat that would expect and more. It is designed with an adequately deep tray that holds a large amount of liquid, but not so much that the bar mat is impossible to move and empty when the times comes. Most importantly however is the high grade rubber that Beaumont uses for their bar mats. The high grade of the rubber used ensure that not only will the bar mats not fade over time and wash but they will remain strong and durable – with no warping! This is especially important when  it comes to emptying your bar mats.


Everyman Cinema

There is just the one in this image! And it is a pretty obvious one – the peg board of course. Our peg boards have been hugely popular since we reintroduced them. The peg boards are starting to make quite the comeback in burger joints, cocktail bars, cinemas and most establishments aimed at 18-35 year olds – especially in certain areas of London, Manchester and Liverpool. Although perhaps more traditionally used by Chip Shops, Pre-Schools and Hairdressers in the UK, the peg board remains a really cool way to disseminate information.

Our range of peg boards are manufactured by Beaumont TM in the UK, as are the pegs. Available in four different sizes the peg board can be used on a large scale or for something smaller. Alongside the boards we also sell the packs of pegs and we are very proud to say that you get almost 3 times more pegs in our packs than you will do from the nearest competitor – 660 characters to be exact! We know there can be nothing more infuriating than  pegging up your specials and realising you don’t have enough of the letter ‘E’ to finish; and then having to order another whole bag of pegs just to get the few missing letters you require.

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