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In the same way that chips are only so good without sauce, we believe cocktails are only so good without garnish. There is a whole theatre behind cocktail making and the enjoying and drinking of a cocktail, too right we say! It’s not only how your cocktail tastes but we also want it to look special – not just like another vodka and orange juice. Everything from the unusual glass, to the type of ice and the choice of garnish and of course the garnishing tools, all play an integral part in the cocktail enjoying experience.

Cocktail garnishes are decorative ornaments that add character or style to a cocktail. Often related to the flavours or ingredients that have been used to create the cocktail a great garnish will ignite the senses – such as the smell and taste of a slice of fresh pineapple with a French Martini. Depending on the base alcohol of the cocktail, different forms of garnish are used, rum-based cocktails tend to be decorated with tropical-themed garnishes (such as a cocktail parasol) or slices of fruit. Tequila-based drinks on the other hand will nearly always be garnished with a citrus fruit such as a lemon or lime.

Although some cocktail bars and restaurants are choosing to take garnish to a new level with larger and more ostentatious choices, many still opt for a stylish and more traditional garnish such as those used in Vodka and Gin based cocktails; a single maraschino cherry, a citrus twist, or perhaps even an olive. You can’t beat a classic. With this in mind we have made it our mission to introduce a whole new range of cocktail garnish picks – each has its own unique style and performs the job of presenting your garnish perfectly.

‘Golden balls’

Starting with the classy and more neutral choice, we have the ball. This particular garnish pick can be acquired in either gold plating or copper plating – to match up with all your other sexy copper barware! At 10.8 cm long these garnish picks will straddle even the widest martini glass with ease. That also equals quite a few olives or maraschino cherries too.

The Pineapple

Perfect for Tiki Bars far and wide, these delightful garnish picks are topped with glorious little pineapples. As with the ball style of garnish pick, these cocktail sticks come in both copper plating and gold plating – ensuring they glint nicely as they catch the light. At 11.6 cm these garnish picks are a little longer than their spherically shaped counterparts.

‘The Undead’

We’re not talking zombie undead, more like Mexican festival of the dead undead. We are going to stop saying dead now. Anyhow this skull garnish pick is probably the coolest of the lot and will be perfect for a certain style of bar or as the garnish pick for your Zombie cocktail! Being zinc plated this makes it the most durable of the lot and sits at a healthy 11 cm long making it useful for a variety of garnish applications.

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