Did you know we are 40 this year!?

That’s right, we can’t believe it either. We have hit the big 4-0. Grey hairs have become inevitable, getting adequate sleep is a top priority, and our temperamental back has become a daily enemy. Seriously though, we have been in business for 40 years and that’s quite a big deal for us. Many of you have been here for most of that time and we have to thank you for that. Like a good pub landlord, we do our best to give you reasons to keep coming back.

With it being our 40th anniversary we thought it would be fun to reflect on some of the things we used to do, or how we used to do them – as well as to ask a few questions to the man who has been here since day one, Ray Williams.

Here are some fun facts about the last 40 years:

Where was the very first export customer? South Africa.

What was the very first product? An ice crusher imported from the USA.

Which product was the biggest failure? A wall-mounted ice bucket dispenser. Not one was sold.

Most successful product? Spirit measures, the Solo to be exact.


It wasn’t always ISO 9001 and exporting to countries all around the world. It all started with one man, one van and a desire to introduce new products to pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants up and down the length of the UK. in 1979 to be exact. PSV Ltd was the original name for the business. Some of our customers still call us PSV in fact!

When it came to the 1980s, the licensed trade was a very different place. Bars certainly didn’t look like they do now and the same goes for most of the products behind them too. Spirit measures (optics), a product that has defined us over the years has been one of the few products that have remained; and for good reason, you still cant beat the ease and accuracy of a wall-mounted spirit measure. Remember ‘Gills’?

A few products that didn’t survive the 80s, thankfully, was our ever-popular ‘Acrylic Range’ and this interesting fold up picnic table…

The same goes for these haircuts…


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